1. No sugar. Just regular canned pumpkin

  2. Judging by your outlet, you're not in The US. Is it possible to get it here without paying exorbitant shipping fees? Do any US Based stores sell this?

  3. How are you applying the soy sauce without soggifying the popcorn?

  4. I usually use a liquid amino spray. It’s a small amount so it doesn’t get soggy, but it still delivers that umami flavor

  5. why cant we just have Keanu Reeves on

  6. this is borderline disordered eating

  7. Of course not (I’m vegan). Just saving all your calories for one meal is not a healthy relationship with food . Can’t imagine the digestive issues either.

  8. I was today years old when I heard of this condition. Did you try telling him about it OP (though he likely would not have heeded it)? Maybe it is something he would have investigated had he heard of the condition. Sad.

  9. I did. He said he knew his limits. So sad. Such a good, genuine dude. Again we don’t know for sure what happened if/when their family releases an autopsy report. I’m sure they won’t. It’s so tragic for his family. Young dude

  10. I feel bad cuz he’s such a nice guy and seems so genuine

  11. Ok , I’m sorry I posted. You didn’t have to be so rude lol, but thanks

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