1. I'm sweating rn thinking about the potential Yae Miko rerun when there's so many other characters I've anticipated for ages coming out

  2. Tianbao actually is way more character driven than Dinghai imo and the donghua, although it's fine, doesn't really compare to the book. I absolutely love the character development and how they grow and shift their dynamics throughout the story, and let me tell you my initial impression of Hongjun was not the best lol, I thought he was going to be one of those stupid cliché bottoms, but how Feitian-ge handles his character is great. And that could be said about others too. I'd say definitely give the novel a try.

  3. I just want to see them in the fantasy section where they belong 😔

  4. I figured, I've been to most bubble tea places in my town and some elsewhere and that's the first time I saw them use bloody nestle base for milk tea and the store not having any actual milk, not even cow milk, available. I was really tempted to say this is what happens when a white British person appropriates someone's food lmao

  5. Thousand Autumns by Meng Xi Shi - protagonist around his early 30s, love interest 40s

  6. I'd say check out Dinghai Fusheng Records, they're not enemies per se, but definitely got a rocky start lol

  7. there's no way it's real and it better not be, because my wallet would never survive a Cyno-Yae-Scaramouche-Albedo-Shenhe combo lol

  8. nothing compares to Feitian Yexiang's humour in his Dinghai Fusheng Records and Tianbao Fuyao Lu, if you don't mind the fact those books haven't been published officially in English, so you'd have to rely on fan translations

  9. I just like it when my romance books have non-romantic covers lol. All seven seas covers feel pretty graphic novel and juvenile on top of that. I'd love it if it was an extra print included in a set, but other than that, I'm a fan of Chinese style dark fantasy covers, or the direction Golden Terrace is taking, or the kind of fantasy feel Tianbao Fuyao Lu volumes have, or some Priest books. It's not about censoring queer content (I'm literally a queer man seeking out queer romance so wtf is this strawman?), it's about the kind of book covers I prefer, regardless of what's inside, and it'd be also easier to bait people who want to discover an epic fantasy story into reading it. Perhaps I'd like it more if the art style was more to my taste... (since I can't stop looking at SVSSS covers, but TGCF is just cheesy af and not of the best quality imo).

  10. I agree that the English MXTX covers totally look YA and I don't understand the marketing decision there. Even with that art, which maybe they had to use (no clue, all I know is it's on some Asian versions, for TGCF at least), they could have made the books look more elegant. I don't mind the TGCF art itself, just the rest of the cover design. The inside looks quite nice. I do prefer the look and style of many of the other languages' books overall, which I think is what you're describing too. I hope one day we'll have an English edition hardback set with things like gold foil, color inner illustrations, covers more akin to Changyang, and all MXTX's extra words!

  11. I absolutely love the Russian edition of TGCF, if it looked anything like it, I wouldn't probably mind any scene getting to be on the cover, romantic or not. And it's true that the overall layout design of the English edition also doesn't fit the tone of the story (but that can be said about all three of MXTX works). As it is, and I'm ready to get downvoted again, I just really do not enjoy it lol.

  12. For the past month I've been working ~52 hours per week (and the extra time needed to get there and back, to get ready in the morning etc.), not by choice, and yeah, I have no life, my diet is shit, my hobbies are dead, if I choose to go on a date it means chores don't get done and I'm tired af. It's over now, but I also have no idea how I did it and as someone with an animation degree, if it was an art related job that required me to work this much, I'd probably quit cause I can't imagine the burnout lol. On the other hand, given a choice and without any crunch culture, if I were in charge, I'd probably never be able to get to 40h per week either.

  13. Heaven Official's Blessing by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu - gentle MC and brooding/asshole love interest who is only nice to the MC

  14. this is so obnoxiously stupid I can't believe it's actually not a satire

  15. I hate that this is the cover lol. I don't hate the art, but I'd prefer it if my books didn't out me as fudanshi and remained more neutral, especially since how am I supposed to recommend it to other people when it looks like that

  16. You should probably give danmei a try, so many of the books in the genre are exactly what you might be looking for in terms of action, fantasy and romance blended together.

  17. I still got him, because my hand got itchy and he came home early. I had similar thoughts, as in, there's Nilou (whose kit and design I really like, not sure about her personality), Cyno, Scaramouche...

  18. Don't know if you're still looking but this site has an article of various japanese authors who wrote books in different genres. Excluding Haruki Murakami

  19. he displayed the most stereotypical, blatant teen-boy-bullying-his-crush behaviour possible lol

  20. it was a happy little accident. I wanted him, but I wasn't sure if I wanted him enough to spend my guaranteed on him given he's going on the standard banner. my hand was itching though and he spooked me at like, pity 40, so there he is.

  21. I noticed when I do that I'm more likely to get good rolls too. whether it's true or wishful thinking, I definitely turned it into a ritual for artifacts with good potential lol

  22. Heaven Official's Blessing and Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu

  23. genshin gays and sapphics are another two, mostly lgbt stuff related, but also good places to bitch about the main sub incelery lol

  24. Golden Stage by Cang Wu Bin Bai if you're willing to give historical fiction with some military and politics elements a go.

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