Am I really that unappealing looking? 2nd photo is my first pic on tinder

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. Just checked his profile. Henis following the rule 1 and 2 on dating apps. Anddddd he is the guy whose almost every other post deserves to be in either

  2. TL;DR: seek professional help instead of posting on reddit. Subs like SuicideWatch and SelfHarm won't help you

  3. If you need support or know someone who does, Please take a moment and reach out to your nearest Mental Health Specialist.

  4. Welcome to world of America, they use MM/DD/YYYY format for dating (hella confusing, idk why they do it) they use imperial system for measurement (hella confusing, idk what they do it)

  5. Remove the "not knowing when to stop" and add something else. Also change the "gossip" thing. Not a good thing to show on your profile. The underwater dab is cool, keep it. Also add one more picture of you, outside (not around water/beach/ocean as you've already showcased that)

  6. She first needs an English tuition teacher to teach her correct spellings.

  7. Pilla apna desh ki beezati kyon kar raha hai yaha aa kar

  8. Kon bole desh ki beizzati ho rahi. Ye to ek specific person ki hui. Wo bhi beizzati nahi. Bas sadcringe laga to post kiye

  9. I can almost bet you actually laughed out loud when i said "Man must be in debt with such horrible bets" 😂

  10. I need a daily episode of this cringefest please. It's too good

  11. It says “3 losses and you’re out, but you still have a chance to reset the challenge and play again!”

  12. The reset is always 10 gems for 20 win challenge. And free for pass royale peeps. And yes it resets you to.0-0 everytime you re-enter. All players have 3 free tries

  13. I thought it was satire but then I saw OP's replies to the comments

  14. So 'once a wie man said' is bullshit?

  15. So 'with the logic, very much so' is bullshit?

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