1. Naw that account is a troll. The "Shut it down" gave it away

  2. It's an antisemitic buzzword of whose origins I am not certain, although it's a giveaway on the fact that it's just some troll larping as a jewish man.

  3. My god there's so much new content, I gotta play again.

  4. Io non sono pro Putin e non voglio che vinca la Russia... Ma non è che gli Ucraini siano stinchi di santo.

  5. When I thought it couldn't get any worse: "we're relatives of sort".

  6. Feed these people to dogs or lions or whatever dated punishment from their dated mindset.

  7. Dude wtf, don't poison the dogs and lions with this garbage

  8. It’s the actual end for that story. Everything onward is completely unrelated

  9. We don't know that, maybe Araki will pull something bizarre and join everything somehow.

  10. If I remember correctly I fixed it messing around options in the play station settings.

  11. Can somebody explain this to my dumb friend?

  12. If homie thinks her love won't be taken from granted she's wrong though.

  13. Everybody gets things wrong. When this guy gets things wrong he admits it and corrects himself later....

  14. You don't have to be a bad guy to be easy to hate.

  15. Get Adam's name out ya fuckin' mouths you fuckin' dingbat conservatives

  16. I highly recommend the Dress Patients mod for this! But the base game solution is to form a caravan with her, the clothes, and one able-bodied pawn. Then you can dress her through the caravan gear menu.

  17. My god yeah the mod was the right thing to do.

  18. What kind of notifications are you getting? I mean, she's a potato. Which means she's in a bed, so she's comfortable. She's probably being fed, so she's not starving. She's probably in a room where she's not freezing or suffering heat stroke. Are you having pawns go in and randomly beat her? Harvesting her organs? Doing something to give her major mood debuffs?

  19. OP you have no business being that pretty!

  20. Don't want to sound rude or anything but nowadays people don't use coon cuz it's a derogatory word, not trying to sound pretentious

  21. I wish I could use it because it just sounds so cute.

  22. Deep cut would probably be bringing you along as a witness to help them while they are going around stealing stuff like the declaration of independence, and the whole entire White House.

  23. They would probably take Nic Cage with them then.

  24. I like Shiver a lot, Frye... I don't hate her, I feel sorry for her forehead tho. Big man is probably chill as fuck and nice to have around. But Shiver and Frye would be on the front, for sure. Big man is, well, big, and would take most of the back seat. So that's a no.

  25. I can see where you are coming from, OP, however it's hamon users that have similar things to hermit purple, Dio's stand was pretty much Jonathan's stand.

  26. Have you enabled STARTTLS for SMTP? Thunderbird can get a bit annoying with self-signed certs on the SMTP setup.

  27. Looks like your IMAP settings are correct so I’d double check the SMTP settings are as shown in the Bridge, mine uses a non standard port.

  28. Looks in order to me, maybe the password type is the issue? It doesn't specify in the bridge info which type to use, just the password itself.

  29. Intendi dire trofie al pestacchio, per caso?

  30. Questo dovrebbe essere il commento con più sopravvoti.

  31. Pearl fucking sucks, she deserves nothing but hate.

  32. It ties in showing that Dio have sons and daughters and they might be evil, hence why Jotaro is looking for them.

  33. I gotta know, are you still looking at it?

  34. If I was cought looking at it at work, I would've been stabbed in my kidneys six times. So it is nsfw buddy

  35. Eroico in italian means heroic so he can also be a hero.

  36. Meh, having browsed 4chan for ages I've seen worse things. By far.

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