1. Hey listen I wasn't super enthusiastic about how Vaush performed in that podcast episode but it honestly wasn't that bad and looking at your list history it kinda sounds like you might just be hyper critical of Vaush.

  2. The referendum isn't a vote on how the Voice will work. It will be on the principle of whether First Nations people should have a constitutional right to a body called the Voice advising parliament on their behalf. The draft referendum wording has been released for months now.

  3. "Clown world" is a alt right dog whistle.

  4. Lol Albo. First time you’ve been properly flakey and trying to blame others. Weak as piss. Release details of what we’re voting on. Or hand over the job. You wanted the job. Do it.

  5. He has released details on what we will be voting on.

  6. I think that's the guy from The Matrix.

  7. I think Albo has a problem. I mean, I'm pretty supportive of indigenous issues and would certainly be more so than some 'average' Australian, but I can't see myself voting for a referendum that's being sold as 'vote for us now, and we'll get back to you later with the details of what you've voted for'.

  8. But that's not really what will happen, right? We'll have a very clear understanding of the wording of the constitutional change we will be voting on. The referrendum isn't a vote on the detail - that happens in parliament, and if they mess up we get to kick them out at the next federal election.

  9. Until there's infinite resources trade-off will be made either explicitly or implicitly/duplicitously

  10. Potentially, but if you want to argue that successfully you'll have to step through how an Indigenous Voice to Parliament actively harms the specific cause of poverty reduction, rather than gesturing to vague notions of resource tradeoffs.

  11. If Biden doesn't run, and there are no other strong candidates in the race pushing for his policy agenda (medicare for all, tuition-free colleges and universities, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, breaking up the big banks) then he should.

  12. This wouldn't work. Coalitions form either out of political necessity or when parties run on very similar platforms. The federal ALP is incredibly popular right now, is not in minority government, and runs on an incredibly different set of policies. Why should it cede power to the Greens, especially given how polarising they are in some parts of the country and how much bad blood there is between party members?

  13. I didn’t say that anywhere. All I meant was I don’t know which is the real terrorist state, Israel or Palestine. Most people on this forum seem to have made up their minds about Israel being the guilty party!

  14. This is a very simplistic way of viewing things.

  15. It's true that sometimes in a democracy, people will vote in a way that limits the rights of social minorities. In fact, it happens all the time -- look at literally any red state.

  16. Tony Abbott aside, we have no details on this “indigenous voice to parliament”.

  17. But why not a proper reform, rather than a toothless advisory board? Why not provide senate seats to the indigenous community in some way? Give them the same ‘voice’ that the states have?

  18. A succesful referendum would serve a number of purposes.

  19. So, this statement is self-evidently true. The pandemic isn't over and like any fast-spreading respiratory illness we're going to see numbers continue to sawtooth for quite some time.

  20. D10: Woke up with the extraction site being barely noticeable. The yellow bruising on my face is beginning to fade as well, I think. Still taking a lot of care with my oral hygeine (careful but frequent rinsing, using soft bristled toothbrush, etc). I've noticed however that my socket is very sensitive to chilled/icy drinks -- that's about the only 'food item' I'm still steering away from. The course(s) of antibiotics have done a number on my gut; going to increase my fiber intake to try and kickstart the repopulation of my intestinal flora. I reckon maybe in 1-2 days time I will feel completely back to normal, just with a closing hole in the back in my mouth.

  21. D9: Attempted some more-strenuous exercise today but felt a weird pain around my extraction site so stopped. This caused a bit of added pain and stiffness which hasn't gone down yet but is manageable. Apart from that my only symptoms remaining are a socket where my tooth was and a bit of yellow facial bruising. Back to an almost completely normal diet just eating on only one side and cutting things into smaller bites, and doing a rinse after eating anything. I know some people expect all their symptoms to go away within 10 days but given I had a challenging extraction with some minor complications I'm expecting a little bit of a longer healing process.

  22. Update D8: Back to a fairly normal diet, just eating slowly/small bites and only on the non-extraction side. Still nothing very hard/crunchy/sticky. Mouth opens up almost all the way again though there is still some tightness. Pain is almost non-existent. Bruising doesn't seem to be going down but it is yellow. Rinsing after each meal with warm salty water and having my beverages cooler than usual. Only have one more antibiotic pill left to take this afternoon and I'll be done with that too.

  23. Just let the DGG people post and selectively ban trolls/bigots. From experience being banned from places due to being a 'Vaushite', banning just because of your post history in a different subreddit is gatekeepy and annoying.

  24. Their mod team is completely infested with tankies. I got banned for

  25. Without any explanation as to why they had to be held so low for so long, or why they completely ignored the ballooning house prices.

  26. I get that the current situation is pretty shitty, but the RBA has released detailed explanations of their decision to pause interest rate increases over the last few years, with specific references to house prices.

  27. These tags should be helpful for you:

  28. You’re never going to get anywhere in leftist discourse if you can’t be open-minded about China. There are certainly valid critiques to be made of Chinese state capitalism, but you’re not making those when you blatantly spout capitalist propaganda. The socialization of China is probably the greatest achievement in history and brought up over a billion people’s standards of living by A LOT, and showing solidarity with that cause is very important for the socialist cause. I’d really encourage you to try to honestly educate yourself on what is propaganda vs truth when it comes to China, since your viewpoint seems derived from propaganda, like the Uyghur genocide hoax.

  29. What on Earth are you talking about? There are over a million Uyghur Muslims being held in internment camps without due process, children are being separated from their parents and sent to 're-education' centres, mosques are being burned down. It not even debatable at this point, we literally have leaked CCP internal documents corroborating it. Is it not possible to talk up the successes of the Chinese state without genocide denial?

  30. If you really think that, then we're honestly just operating in separate realities at this point. Like, the Nazis locked up over a million jews during WWII.

  31. Love the motherboard you chose, underrated value. You might want the wifi version of that board. And it has 1 case fan slot I belive so you may want a fan splitter. How did you find out about the mobo?

  32. Thanks for taking a look - I'll go for the Deepcool Gammax. Mobo just looked like the best value for money on pcpartpicker.

  33. With a gun he made. If this doesn't show the libs banning guns will do fuck all nothing will

  34. Japan has 0.06 gun deaths per 100 000 people each year. The US has 200 times that rate.

  35. Yeah but this is to show you can ban them and we still have crazy shit like this happen.

  36. Sure if u want to talk absolute values. Labor more than quadrupled the debt in one term. Without a pandemic…. When they promised to balance the books.

  37. All of these debt increases have been precipitated by a major economic downturn. When you take stimulus spending out of the picture, there is virtually no difference in dollar amount spending decisions between the major parties in the post Whitlam era.

  38. Yes. Called back, and got a "you're not returning my missed call, I was returning your missed call!" so, I think it's scammers spoofing your number.

  39. We should all aspire to be fit and healthy. Society needs to stop coddling everyone (mainly women) and start fixing the serious issue of obesity.

  40. Disagree that this sort of advertisement is "coddling people" or contributing to bad health. Not everyone has the ability to control their weight in the same way - some people have thyroid problems, gain weight during menopause, etc. The way I see it, this sort of advertising is just making sure that all sorts of body types are being represented.

  41. There are plenty of conditions that can cause unintended weight gain, hypothyroidism being only one. People can gain weight when going through menopause - that's a good 50% of the population - people can gain weight as a result of a slew of mental illnesses (depression, eating disorders), type 2 diabetes can make you more likely to become obese, people with heart problems are more likely to experience weight gain, etc etc. Not to mention, weight gain/loss is correlated with where you live, your level of income, etc.

  42. That's still decreasing upwards pressure on house prices, on the supply side.

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