Attendees of Janet Yellen's Friday Emergency FSOC Meeting. (Hint: Everything is not FINE)

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  1. Idk. Read where several other countries are applying to BRICS. Including Argentina, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia. They have a lot of US currency to trade with. What happens to it if they don't need it to trade with?

  2. There is zero chance that Mexico goes into BRICS. The US and Mexico are each other's largest trading partners AND share a physical border, it just won't happen. SA might try to get in but if they do, they cease being a friendly US interest, and... well, let's just say they have a lot of oil that might need freedoming in that case. Nobody cares about argentina.

  3. I thought that, too, at first, but so many apes have reported in their account information, it's very, very unlikely our 1.39 accounts per ape was off by 77%. (1.07 accounts per ape of 197k people and 211k accounts.)

  4. I don't know, 1.39 accounts per person that even bothered to report that seems high to me tbh. That means that for every 100 actual people that DRS shares, somehow there's enough fuckups to cause 139 accounts to be created? That would be a chasm at scale that doesn't add up; every 100k people becomes 139k accounts. Considering the latest post I saw had the high account number at around 211k, this already doesn't hold water. It is more likely that your data is skewed towards the people that post their account status publicly, also having a much higher chance of running into issues. I have never and will never post a circle for the bot, but have never had weird issues with DRS. I'm the silent majority. 1.07 sounds far more in line with a typical error rate.

  5. I can't figure out why they've removed it tbh, it seems like only a small percent of users used it and it shouldn't really cost anything to keep in place.

  6. A Wikipedia clone/backup, DIY repair guide sites for everything you can think of, medical websites and farming/growing guides. The most logical and boring answer. Because if the net goes bye bye, you're back to the 80s or 90s at best in terms of your ability to look up information, but people have largely lost the ability to do anything outside of their small field of work without googling it first and many won't even try even given the ability to search the info.

  7. This ainโ€™t happening. Full and irreparable destruction of international confidence in US markets or let it play out as the rules are today, then change them to ensure the poors can never do such a massive capitalism again.

  8. That was the initial theory, but I agree with that guy, they're going to change rules overnight when it's time, and the most likely outcome is indeed a fixed price for "certain assets" for an extended period of time. These guys aren't creative (they're too old), they are just rehashing the past with added flavors. The fixed asset price thing will be pulled directly from the 1930s gold ban, where they set the price on gold and said "this is illegal to own now, we will pay you this amount for it for a couple of months, after that good luck". And the same outcome is likely too, where people just say nah I'm good I'll keep my stuff thanks, and the value of the "banned" asset rises and never falls back down again after the fixed price expires.

  9. Come down to earth as in decline by 50%? When you are looking at fundamentals for RE in Toronto, you cant only factor in interest rates, low supply, high demand and immigration will accelerate RE in Toronto even in a higher interest rate environment and possibly recession with higher unemployment.

  10. Fundamentals as in the price of a very average SFH is out of reach unless you make over 250k household income, which is like top 5% or higher. Interest rates being high and staying high has ALWAYS brought prices down, simply because people cannot afford payments on a 1.5m mortgage at 5% the same way they could at 2%.

  11. Why on earth is this going on? What other companies have persistently high short volume?

  12. As far as I know there are no other companies with tickers listed on NYSE (ie, over $1 and not OTC) that have this crazy persistent short volume. Keep in mind that under "normal" operations, over 50% short volume usually indicates a market maker is "operational shorting" to fill buys, and they "will" backfill them "later". It means there are more buyers than sellers and a MM is stepping in to "provide liquidity".

  13. Most likely the swaps will be taken over by another institution just like Melvinโ€™s positions. Donโ€™t think CS going under will cause the MOASS.

  14. Their swaps are thought to be somewhere in the range of 54 million presplit shares, so 215m today. If retail and insiders truly do own 120m shares in DRS, then it's actually impossible to clear that position out without causing massive price increases, which threaten everyone else who is short, thus dominoes.

  15. Odds are after 10k the government will step in to negotiate. Personally, I say let it run. Itโ€™s in their best interest to collect on capitol gains.

  16. I've said for a long time now that it is most likely this situation ends with gov't intervention, and SVB has made that crystal clear. Government WILL butt in, it's only a question of when/at what price points, and what they attempt to do.

  17. I would be very surprised if we went from a tight labour market to massive unemployment in the next year, because that's the time frame here. Inflation is about to start reporting extremely low, possibly even negative. Come april reports, we will see a dramatic ease in inflation. Then rate cuts to follow by end of year.

  18. There are historical precedents and indicators for just such a thing happening with employment being record highs, then very suddenly shifting to record unemployment. 1930 and 2008 being the most obvious for precedent, and 2008, 2001, 1990 being recent comparable indicators, specifically the bond yields and inversions forecasting imminent recession.

  19. This sadly happens every few months with that site, either they or their data source is not updated properly and options appear to vanish, only to reappear the next day. Use another site.

  20. 71%avg, 35 million short volume total since Feb 21 to take the stock down roughly 20%.

  21. They are talking about how best to manage public perception when - not if, WHEN - "liquidity runs" occur and the FDIC has to step in. This very same video forecast/revealed that banks falling apart would happen on a Friday in order to control it over the weekend, because doing it during market hours would cause a panic crash.

  22. Sans another run on a bank, they are all likely to survive. Only in emergency situations that requires them to realize losses will any bank be in jeopardy. This game is going to continue for quite some time.

  23. It was six months after Bear Stearns died that Lehman collapsed in 2008. Since we are following the playbook from then, with the stock market moving up on the back of a Bear event and the Fed coming out with "Our financial institutions are strong" almost directly repeated from 08, I wouldn't expect major repercussions until after the summer.

  24. I tried to find the DD that had all past recessions and when the bottom happened compared to when the fed pivoted on rates.

  25. I remember the DD. IIRC it was 18 months from the peak top to the absolute bottom, with a rate pivot being the starting signal of a major recession due no more than 6 months later.

  26. Yoy increase can be more reasonable at 5%

  27. I think the real point is that number compounding means that while 5% yoy sounds reasonable, if your starting point is 800k that becomes a million in less than 5 years. RE increasing at that pace was all fine and dandy when the average home price was $250k or so, because the average family could actually have a shot at saving faster than house prices increased. Now, it's all gone wrong and average house prices outpace wage and savings growth by a mile. The 20% yoy insanity of the last few years sped up the process/road to crisis that we are at now.

  28. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  29. No, globalization killed our manufacturing industry. Why pay Canadian workers and industry when you can get far cheaper work done overseas?

  30. Economy is detached from reality and all sorts of fucked up. The thing is, there is no one right move for people - you can save your money and reduce expenses and still get beaten down by inflation, technically losing money year over year. Or you can spend it on whatever shit you want, obviously losing money, but that buying power is decreasing year over year anyways.

  31. Care to explain your disagreement with PBโ€™s end outcome? Just as a curious ape who loves gathering all POVโ€™s possible.

  32. He is leaning heavy on Weimer republic style hyperinflation coming and with that the end of the USD, with the Fed choosing that option over a (IMO) more obvious and easy solution for them. Instead of letting things get to hyperinflation, they can simply raise rates higher than now but keep them lower than 10%, and keep them pinned there for years. Yes this is almost certain to cause a horrible worldwide recession/greater depression, but it maintains the USD's place in the world.

  33. Donโ€™t get mad at me for asking this because Iโ€™m a total noob at this, but I donโ€™t feel like thereโ€™s ever been a time where Iโ€™ve lost photos and I donโ€™t back up this hardcore at all. How common is it that people lose their photos/other data? All my pictures have been on iCloud and have been since 2015. I just started my plex server in January and Iโ€™ve got about 3TB of data on there. Iโ€™m not opposed to backing that up, but 3 copies? Seems a bit excessive doesnโ€™t it?

  34. Media like movies and shows you can easily replace, it's just time consuming and annoying.

  35. Does this work even on old cars? I have a 24 year old truck that is going to be a write-off and I can't imagine they will be willing to give me anything close to what it will cost me to get into another similar truck that is safetied and ready to go.

  36. No, because you probably can't find a 1998 f150 for sale today that isn't an actual piece of garbage. You can certainly try but if they offer you $600 (basically scrap value) and their absolute top offer after bargaining is $1000, you're still in a bad position. You drove a truck either for 24 years or bought it cheap, you can't expect much of a "refund" from getting it totalled.

  37. Not expecting a refund, just that when I pay insurance and somebody rearends me destroying my vehicle, I should get a replacement vehicle. Doesn't seem unreasonable to me, what are we paying insurance for?

  38. Canada isn't the US and there won't be mass mortgage defaults and jingle mail. There will however be mass credit defaults because everything else is so fucking expensive, and Canadians (and the banks) will let alllll of that go to pot first before even considering their mortgage to be at risk. That alone is plenty enough to put this country into a recession and keep it there for years.

  39. We might not know for years, if ever, what exactly happened to impact the volume the opposite of what one would expect. To date I can't find a single other stock where a split occured, and IMMEDIATELY afterwards the volume dried up and actually decreased over time like we see here. Usually, as is the case with [email protected], a split happens and the volume multiplies in tandem.

  40. PHEVs, for the medium term, are far more sensible from both an economic standpoint and environmental standpoint.

  41. I worry about PHEV longevity costs though. You get all the problems from both sides to save roughly 50% of the fuel costs over a "normal" hybrid. Still need to service the ICE albeit at an extended interval, and now there's a massive battery pack to worry about in 12 years.

  42. It's a stock that has near 100% short interest publicly reported (so, higher), like GameStop was.

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