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  1. Oh wait did he actually do this on the stream, thought that was some sick mfer mocking his death

  2. The dog ate his pink thing inside the head if you know what i mean xD

  3. Yeah, which can lead to prionic infection

  4. Rig up a fog machine and have thin hoses going from it to the end of the ballons, make them loose and floppy enough to allow free movement

  5. Bonus points if you wear a mask of the current presidents face and have bright red LEDs in the eyeholes

  6. H*tler, im terrified how many things ive heard ppl falsely attributed to him and actually believe it.

  7. Genuine compliments, a good massage, remind him hes human too, cook him a decent meal, let him lay in your lap and discuss his problems

  8. The whole world seems to be against you. You show emotion your weak, you refrain emotion and your an asshole. I flort and im a perv, i let them make the moves then im clueless. Women can complain about even the slightest wrongs and they are the queen/bathing in the spotlight, i mention my genuine childhood trauma and/or my lack of choice regarding my circumsicion and suddenly im "that guy". You hear about it from time to time, a woman kills herself and its a tragic event that society to remember, a man does the same and he "shouldnt have been weak". We are blamed for our ancestors wrongs, women can get all the sympathy regarding oaying for children she made when we are still dealing with the shock of a unfaithful lover in the background. Women get punished less harshly than men in society, statistically proven. Most men that turn in cases of rape get ignored unless the perp is another man.

  9. Kinda like a marionette, they tie strings to the nails and have fun

  10. No no, I mean like why would a cauterized wound bleed internally? I thought it sealed off any opening.

  11. Because though the site of cut is cauterised the expansion of flesh, boiling of blood, and the lesser heat damage at greater distance from the wound site will cause more bleeding

  12. Ok ive listened at least 20 times, what is he saying "hey does my haptics work in this world" is that right?

  13. I... Think this is an invaginated penis, how does that not hurt...

  14. Okay but OP you realize that the colors of this make it seem like the gun is a physical part of the gay person right? Like a transformer. Gay transformers.

  15. Yknow what, imma start remembering videos like this so i can hang around a bunch of psychonauts and wait till they trip then drop this shit on em

  16. Ok ok so hear me out, marinate the chicken, then wash it?

  17. I support them ajd all, but better not creep up on me in that id die so fast

  18. Mine was botched just enough, to where if I get fully erect, the tissue bulges to one side because they took too much off.

  19. No inch loss here but they botched mine and needed revision, larger scar makes it seem smaller and it chafes easier, also losing sensitivity

  20. Hey man the turtle needs them scutes for the helmet amd dont know how to protect the eggs smh

  21. Unlike no teeth no seasoning land and the knife epidemic

  22. I have no reason to think I'm in the secret space program but I have been taken to an underground base. Basically I astral projected to the hilly meadow place people go and talk to deceased love ones in AP and NDEs where I seen a flying saucer and flew right into it and startled three ETs that looked like small grays maybe 2ft tall. Long story short one of them looked into my eyes to see who I was(they can read your mind through eye contact somehow) immobilized me and I went unconscious came back to where we were in a cave next thing I know we come to a point where they drop me off in front of this basic concrete bunker that did not look alien(everything I've seen of theres is smooth, no corners the bunker was blocky and not even a paint job). Another craft comes flying up and starts scanning me with these red lasers and I got a horrible feeling about the second craft and popped back into my body. The very next day I was physically abducted by three tall greys and they did surgery on my hand I assume putting a chip in. My wife was taken three times within that week and got a new scar each time.

  23. Yeesh thats intense, you got the men in gray on you lmao. On a serious note that does make sense, you startled them, probably becoming a security risk, and are now being studied to find out what you are and how you do what you do.

  24. I do not believe in the secret space program, sorry. I find the idea quite preposterous, really. People give too much credit to the government to do all these things. In reality, the government is made out of normal people, and they usually are not that good at making complex stuff happen with ease.

  25. Makes sense, thinking about all the technology that isnt being deployed when it clearly needs to be, we need to create a seperate theory and name it off as a distinguished category

  26. Because we as humans evolved sentience as a problem solver, evolution exists to solve problems, when there are no problems to solve theres no reason to problem solve, forcing you to search for problems to solve.

  27. Anything that bases around human behavior so addiction, diet, stuff like that

  28. A few, its mostly in a "que" format, like as a child i was pkaying halo 3 in my dream, and the answers to the next days test flashed before me, though i took the test normally it freaked me out how they all lined up, then another time i had a vivid dream where my sister was going to check the mail, on the way there three red cardinals flew by and she was hit by a car, then later on when i sent her to check the mail i saw the cardinals and interrupted her walk with a sudden bs conversation, same car, down to what trash i could see in it and the time of day, everything was the same yet i was able to intervene, it dont happen often but i respect the power of dreams

  29. Yeah, it’s nightmarish. Culture dies hard, and the worst parts seem the hardest to get rid of.

  30. Lmao i brought the topic up once around my family, siddenly "its my favorite topic" ajd my mother was oh so quick to jump to "well the bibke says cleanliness" o quit listeming there and accepted that humanity is r*tarded beyind repair

  31. You can get a circumsicion done without question, sometimes the doctors do it without suggestion, in spite of the proven medical disadvantages, yet if we were to suggest doing a similar procedure to a girl...

  32. well the kick to the face ended the threat proportional to the threat the bully presented. Bully can rest in piss.

  33. Quite a way to make him change heads before shooting

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