1. Hmmmmm. Pretty hot story bro. But question, if you fetish simply giving her money. Is there anything else like humiliating? Power play or feet stuff?

  2. Hi accurate ad, an excellent topic for discourse. My initial reaction to the question was duh, it’s the paypig’s responsibility. Simply, if a person is doing something that interferes with their life and or causes harm and wont stop it’s an addiction. It’s that person’s issue and he/she must seek help or find a way to mitigate their acts.

  3. I loved the “documentary.” I feel like tv Anna was way hotter than real Anna. Nevertheless, I see what you’re saying. Those old guys were essentially her paypigs LOL

  4. Thanks for all the comments and replies! Love this community. Just a few words about the “depression.” Sure I felt like crap afterwards because I had spent so much money. But it’s kind of similar to spending lots of dollars on the top shelf spirits at a club. It’s kind of a waste of money but it’s all good.

  5. I agree, don’t need aftercare. I rather spend that time being humiliated than taken care of

  6. Bro bro!!! So you finally decided to post! Welcome man. This reminds me of my very first send. It’s such an amazing feeling. Like the very first mouth full of water after a long marathon or a bite of pie after days of dieting. Except it’s much more a high and addicting. My very first send was also to a vanilla ish girl. It was so hot bro, I think I stayed up the entire night. Please update us with anything else

  7. Heyy, where I can see more of she content's?

  8. Bro her twitter is the title lol

  9. Hey, I mean it’s possible that he enjoys and or likes to have such a dynamic. I would just roll with it. If you don’t feel comfortable taking that much. Just ask for less next time. Or you could just be honest and tell him not to send next time haha

  10. Super hot story bro! I love how the advances of social media and banking apps like PayPal makes findom so easy now. Especially for worshipping vanilla girls like this!!!

  11. Empress Jennifer makes such good content. I also find her pretty hot (shes just a little too old for my liking-----dont kill me cuck007)

  12. Not sure if she's considered famous but I did join Goddess kayla's OF lol

  13. Tech seems to the big one lol. I’m in tech too. All that is my 9-5 work, pay bills, money to live on basically. I also picked up a side job doing delivery like Uber Eats & DoorDash (evenings & weekends). All of that is money for my Goddess $250-$300 a week.

  14. Lol you are crazy!!!! I can’t imagine a tech guy bringing me my taco bell LOL. Lemme ask you a question. What do you think about while you are doordashing? Knowing very well you’re a white collar professional?

  15. Broooo, I know this bro, think his name is ardosan!!! Bro he’s the best at nonfiction. Totally recommend him 😉

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