1. They've said before that they don't like that song, their label kinda forced there hand on it and they're not proud of it

  2. oooohhh yeah i see it now! thanks man. that's so cool. still looks silly as hell though i'm ngl

  3. Rhaenys would be the best choice, but if Rhaenyra had been allowed to assume the throne uncontested she would’ve done fine. Aegon is too self-absorbed, Aemond and Daenerys are too volatile, and Daemon gets bored too easily.

  4. This always feels like a hollow take to me. You can have morally grey characters you want to root for to become better people (Jaime, the Hound, Jorah, Theon), and then you have your Joffrey’s and Ramsay’s who are bad evil people who do bad things.

  5. Nothing hollow about watching a show the way you want to watch it.

  6. The great ones are the first two. From there it's all perfect.

  7. I'm kind of confused since I haven't been keeping up all that much.

  8. It was “Daphne Blue” for me and “See Through” is my fave song from them

  9. Daphne Blue is a fucking banger. That and Heaven are my two favorite TBC songs.

  10. Oh no this hurts. I loved him so much in this role, particularly his relationship with kamala. He was the best dad in the mcu.

  11. Right? Fucking hell, Kamala got the idea for her superhero name because of words that came out of this guy's mouth. Jesus Christ.

  12. Not to mentioned she was TRYING to allow TimmyTanks40 know she was cheating. One thing about females are they are very skilled covering there tracks. If she was careless enough not to hide the condom, she was waaaay over the relationship anyways and wanted him to find out. Some females don’t know how to manage a breakup so they initiate it by being sloppy and displaying evidence of cheating.

  13. People usually have mutual friends with their significant other, right? Might be naive of me to say, but would people really risk their reputation and image like that instead of going for... an actual proper breakup?

  14. I drinking partner I once knew was very much a "shock and awe" kinda fella. He would come out with the most insane stuff but was incredibly funny and intelligent. My opinion changed on the last adjective when he went to the men's room and came out with one of the yellow urinal cakes that help keep the piss stench down. He put it in his mouth and ate it. to this day I don't know hwy he did it but it was just really weird and disgusting.

  15. Not gonna even attempt to justify his actions, but we as a society calling those things cakes was a mistake to begin with.

  16. yes it will because the "money" in this case is simply a target.

  17. I don't think that's a very good representation of Joel's motivations at all. In fact, it's wildly out of character

  18. Yeah, Joel never struck me as someone with any bitterness towards the world. He seemed to have become more or less resigned and accepting of how things were 20 years into the apocalypse.

  19. But your Spider-Sense would alert you to EVERY danger. Meaning that driving a car would give you the worst headache imaginable.

  20. So Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker is constantly enduring a splitting headache whenever he's on his moped.

  21. She's a pop star; I don't know what you guys expect. Only giving a shit when it benefits her image is basically her job as a professional public figure.

  22. I agree with tangled and brave, but not encanto. Kinda getting on my “this is getting annoying list”. But that’s just my opinion

  23. Encanto absolutely dominated my social media feeds for days, so I was pretty excited to see it because everyone was hyping it up. It was okay, but a little underwhelming.

  24. It’d be pretty boring if bro just sneezed all his problems away. I like to see big muscular men lift shit dammit and the developers know that

  25. There's really no point in thinking too deep about it, but I like to think of Kratos's godly, temple lifting strength as something he taps into, not something that's always on by default.

  26. I wish they did more interviews for this very reason. I love hearing them speak about Rhaenyra because it’s obvious that they’ve done so much study into this character. I also just love hearing them speak in general.

  27. Still holding out hope for an Emma interview on the HOTD official podcast.

  28. It took me a minute to find it lol, but here you go

  29. I can't tell if this story is true or just another "Redditor creative writing" moment but it's amazing either way lmaoooo.

  30. I'm just wondering why your song titles are in all caps for you.

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