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  1. Question, what ethnicity is your mother in law?

  2. New leaf clubhouse in New Westminster. Any donation is welcome and they service individuals with mental health disorders, homelessness, substance abuse disorders etc. I can DM you more info if wanted :) good on you for wanting to help! There are many who need it.

  3. My wife does the deep stretch and relaxation class at Oxygen Yoga. Well not right now since she just gave birth but she’s been saying how she can’t wait to start again!

  4. This is one of the ones I was eyeing. Thank you and congrats on the baby!

  5. You can also call the crisis line and ask for resources! Hope you’re okay OP, message me if you need anything!

  6. thank you, i still can’t find a place to stay but it’s fine !

  7. Call 604.951.8855 or 1.877.820.7444. It’s the crisis line and they can help you immediately

  8. Have you considered that they're happy with where they are at? I think the perspective of i'm trying to make friends and it's not working out therefore it's them is a terrible way to look at things. I'm not saying it's a you thing that's putting people off. But people are busy or have other things on their mind. Career wise or personal. I know I don't have the mental and emotional space to let another person in. As i'm sure most don't at the moment.

  9. I don’t think you actually read my whole post, at least based on your answer.

  10. I’m clicky because of the mechanical core underneath my fake fleshy exterior, but most Vancouverites are cliquey I suppose because ours is a wretched rainy dumpy little former fishing and mill town that thinks it’s Paris and LA rolled into one, where everyone’s underpaid and stressed out but trying to act like they’re having fun, and so develops the cliques of intellectually void and morally vacuous yuppies who deeply crave and resent others’ status, but they don’t wanna look like a climber, but they also don’t want friends who might outdo them, so they just kind of wallow in the parasocial mud pit of trying to simultaneously put in the work to look like they’ve “made it” while also secretly seething at their surroundings. Anyways that’s my theory.

  11. Hey could you possibly send it to me as well?

  12. Thoughts on MVST? I’ve been holding for a while and it’s finally starting to gain some traction

  13. Did... did you have anything else with it?

  14. Chicken tika masala and spiced rice. All delicious

  15. Thinking of adding more to my THCB or going into FTOC.. suggestions? Looking for fasteerrr results

  16. I’ve held GHIV for a while now... might as well wait until after merger to sell at this point huh? Avg cost is 10.70

  17. What’s happening with GHIV? What am I missing from this webinar?

  18. Thoughts on CHWY? I was planning on going in at around 70 a few days ago and now it’s at 107

  19. I'm so sick of BABA not doing anything.

  20. Me too. Might just sell at a loss bc the opportunity cost is just so much higher at this point

  21. Thoughts on how long to hold on to GHIV, BFT and THCB after they start going up?

  22. Thoughts on CRSR? Bought 21 at $42 and it’s been going down ever since

  23. What’s happening with CRSR? Will it ever come back up?

  24. Currently eyeing DMYD, BFT, PDAC, FUSE. Which one has more going for it? I’m researching their management, some input would be appreciated

  25. Could have cropped a bit more of the ground off but overall, nice shot

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