1. I know what the tubing caps are, but what is the piece that goes inside of it? The part that you are tapping threads into? I’m out of the loop, I’ve been considering doing some perf plates but this looks a lot more simple than drilling a billion tiny fucking holes.

  2. Those are plasma tips that are perfect for the task :). Here’s the ones I went with….

  3. It’s too big for a flea. That’s why they’re selling it. Like, duh.

  4. There’s definitely a 45 round magazine with the entire Lord is my Shepherd prayer etched into it in that guy’s go-bag.

  5. I’ll make sure to do that, this is my first build didn’t even think of that thank you. :)

  6. Don’t listen to him, parallel is the way... The only thing I’d do is experiment with rails down if you can get your support settings right, it will cut down your print times and let you show off how dialed in your slicer is. But there’s honestly nothing wrong with rails up imo. Keep it up, you’re doing fine.

  7. For you, tonight’s drill will be Mozambiques from the holster, in the dark. I’ll post a video tomorrow

  8. God damn dude you mangled that bolt release roll pin install.

  9. serious question, why would you choose to go with key mod? it's an obsolete mounting system and most manufacturers have moved away from making keymod accessories and mounts.

  10. I know it’s not what you’re asking but I’m my experience prusaslicer or cura is a lot better than creality.

  11. Trying to achieve the noisy cricket model of a Glock

  12. New gun owner so I actually bought an AR and an AR9. I need to do some more research before I feel comfortable printing.

  13. Dude I’m basically retarded and I figured it out. You can get an ender 3 v2 sent to your house for like $200, it’s not a huge investment and if you have questions there’s a big community to help you.

  14. They’re definitely seed-stealers, that’s why they work so hard to get the strongest of us.

  15. Looks great. What are your plans for the motor? They’re pretty compact units, they have a lot of potential I think

  16. Thought about it but figured being that rich id have water fountain shits from it.

  17. HAHAHHAA I hear that. I’ve definitely thrown multiple stripping runs in with a sour mash wash and done a spirit run with it, it worked very well for me and seemed to carry a lot of flavor over that way. I’ve never run a thumper and I’ve never run one that was still sweet so I can’t comment on that.

  18. Shoot, I’d bottle it and drink it as it sits if you like it that much.

  19. I swear to GOD I’m not being weird here, but anatomically speaking you’ve got a fantastic toe splay. Is that genetic or do you just not wear shoes or something? Genuinely curious lmaooo

  20. Yes I do I can even count backwards. Fuck off nerd, you don’t know me

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