1. Can we get a vr update. Portal in vr would be wild

  2. It may be OK for those with iron stomachs. But I think fully path traced, a RTX 4090 wouldn't be able to handle max settings on a high res headset.

  3. Would have to be just the base game in vr but I guess the momentum challenges would be pretty hard on the stomach I didn’t really think about those ones haha

  4. I barely survived the airboat chase in HL2 VR :p

  5. "Here is the No Man’s Sky Frametime plot.  We set the settings to Maximum which is a step over Ultra including setting the anisotropic filtering to 16X and upgrading to FXAA+TAA.  Since DLSS is available for RTX cards and the Quality setting improves performance without impacting image quality, we used it." xD

  6. oops. Another typo. Sorry. Fixed. We did not use any upscaling method.

  7. Is there any chance of testing at a higher resolution? It will be interesting to see how it scales 384 vs 256

  8. I am hopeful that BTR's next VR review will use the G2. We already tested the RTX 4090 using the Index at

  9. After I got COVID again, I scaled back my benching ambitions to just 10 easier-to-bench yet representative games. I'll include HL: Alyx (and more games) in an upcoming mega-VR review after the new Radeons launch. And I'll probably use the Reverb G2.

  10. I have a Pimax 8KX and 3090 and this is helpful, but it would have been nice to see benchmarks at a higher resolutions like 5000x3000 per eye, like the 8KX needs for optimal clarity. That's more than double the pixel count of the published tests.

  11. MS FS 2020 doesn't work with FCAT VR properly. Neither does SW: Squadrons. Nvidia is aware of these issues.

  12. Hopefully they get it sorted out. SW: Squadrons is definitely a game I would start playing if it ran better on my 8KX. I'm still on the fence about upgrading to a 4090.

  13. I let Nvidia know that something broke MS/FS 2020 for VR. Hopefully they will get it sorted out for an upcoming BTR mega VR review in December and will also get it working for SW: Squadrons (which is

  14. Damn. Good deal for people but I bought this at full price lol. It's not even that old.

  15. So did I. It was very buggy for me for months after release but it's OK now.

  16. Did this test with the G2 get done? I've been looking on your website every so often but I can't find it there. If not, is it still planned? Thanks.

  17. No. I got COVID-19 at the AMD event in Las Vegas two weeks ago and am still recovering from it. However, I will have a RTX 4080 VR review (Part 1) posted by this weekend.

  18. Why would using a less capable headset encounter more CPU bound games?

  19. Do you think it's worth testing?

  20. How do all of these headsets track you? I can see how quest does because it has its software built in. But several of these headsets are just tracked monitors. It's up to whatever software is running them and running on them. Also I know the index does not have the ability to even sense some of the metrics they listed here. (eye focus, skin tone) and is the hololense even commercially available yet?

  21. https://www.extremetech.com/internet/340275-meta-quest-pro-will-monitor-your-eyes-during-ads-for-engagement

  22. https://store.steampowered.com/privacy_agreement/

  23. It's the third time I have got Covid despite being vaccinated - with my last booster, 5 months ago.

  24. Now that DS has GPU decompression, will someone actually use it :) I Know there's 1 game out there..

  25. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/directx/directstorage-1-1-now-available/

  26. Yes, using the Thermalright contact frame with a 13900K. There was no drop in temperatures for me from using the stock solution with a MSI 360 AIO.

  27. Did you happen to try it without the vertical mount? Just curious because I also have a 5000D that I’d hate to give up and was wondering if there is enough clearance between the card and the glass for the cable.

  28. I also have a 5000D with a 4090 mounted horizontally - there is enough clearance between the cable and the glass.

  29. it's just... copy-paste of HU video. Wouldn't it be better to include better quality screenshots?

  30. Gotta make an unboxing video anytime you purchase from newegg

  31. I did that yesterday for my 13900KF from Newegg.

  32. I got a 13900KF today also ... from Newegg (they actually sent me the right CPU).

  33. $570 at Microcenter, or $550 if you buy it with a board. It’s a free market.

  34. It's a great price but MC is in-store only. When I figure gas and time, it isn't worth it for me.

  35. Moss: Book II is out and it's more of the same with better visuals.

  36. Perhaps you are watching the wrong benchers.

  37. From Manuel Guzman (NVIDIA Rep):

  38. It's probably not important other than being a bug. Afterburner reports normal GPU usage.

  39. Hi. No, I didn't. Please, see my stickied comment above for more details about the issue and my experience. Regards!

  40. Even after using DDU, I had to disable HAGS.

  41. Good luck! Please update this thread after you get your card. $530 is a great price.

  42. Not to be ungrateful, but I really miss Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022 VR benchmarks as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2 VR (oculus beta branch) benchmarks from that list... Maybe someone else will do those soon...

  43. BTR plans to follow up next week with an expanded 4090/3090/6900xt VR review using the VP2/G2.

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