There is a party featuring all the cities and towns of the Bay Area, what is each of them doing at the party?

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  1. Berkeley is preserving single family homes as historical buildings.

  2. If anyone needs help with Hidden Heart, add my PSN: LeeYanWu and send me a message there. Would be happy to help.

  3. You are a saint. Looks like the game I left 🤔

  4. Wow such comment :'-). Soz everybody this was just a screenshot I thought was cool, I took 'an interesting title' too far obviously. Per my previous comment though I do think taking out disciples can be good to get your resolve up in between waves, I stand by that.

  5. Since disciples are on a timer, it’s actually better to get them down to 1HP and only kill them once enemies are heading to that area.

  6. Massmunes edge with moon stance. It gives you MMC and 20% double damage. It can even proc during assassin / samurai Ult.

  7. I have been taking a ghost break so I’m kind of rusty, but I celebrated by running a bunch of duos this weekend with a friend! 🥰

  8. A nurse friend confessed that she never brushes her teeth. Her teeth are rotting, but she doesn’t care…. 😨

  9. I’m playing on hard mode. I’m not a super great gamer, but this game isn’t that hard.

  10. But I have the HD60S+... I was getting the black screen on twitch studio/obs/etc even though passthrough was working.

  11. There are quite a few different versions of the HD60. There’s the HD60, HD60 S, HD60 S+, and HD60 X. And technically the 4K60 S+ and 4K60 Pro Mk. 2.

  12. I'll look into it, but it seems like Macs might be more limited. I do have OBS set up, but I was mostly using Twitch Studio... I'll try to find the 4K Capture Utility.

  13. Cheaper to buy a new wheel then build a wheel around a new hub.

  14. 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼unless you want to rebuild for fun, just buy a single speed wheel

  15. Yup this… this is what I was confused about in your comment to me too.

  16. I would not put this back on to a bike

  17. I think I just joined it but It seems dead I couldn’t joined the wrong one I’m not really familiar with discord

  18. Some are not active. Check the one linked to this sub.

  19. You may need a new kickstand, but I really don’t like them or feel like they are necessary. Just lean your bike against an object or lock it to a rack.

  20. Sigma Art all the way. It’s proper glass and metal vs plastic from Tamron (I have both).

  21. I agree. I had both on my Nikon and the Sigma is so much better in every way.

  22. Our gecko does this. She’s out and looking at us until we go to sleep—begging for bugs

  23. This is not really something I suggest watching YouTube and changing on your own. I’d take it to a shop or workshop where there are tools and someone can help you. You need tools to either remove chainrings OR a crank puller if you’re replacing the whole thing. You need a chain whip and cassette-specific tool to remove the cassette. You may need a chain tool to remove the chain.

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