1. Probably the bit where he said I could cure his depression with pictures of my tits

  2. My boyfriend does stuff like this all the time, so I'd probably just be like "that's nice sweetie" and keep doing what I'm doing.

  3. Depends on the restaurant and if I've been there before or what kind of vibe I'm getting. If I haven't been there before and it seems like the food might be bad, or I have been there before and already know the food is bad, I'll get the most basic, unadventurous thing on the menu. If I haven't been there before but the reviews are good and I'm getting a good vibe from the place, I might try something a little different that I wouldn't normally eat. If I've been there before and liked the food, I'm most likely getting the same thing as last time.

  4. Apparently yes because Ive done it before. But I regret the hell out of it. I wasted an extra 5 or so years with someone who made me feel like shit about myself.

  5. I'm non-binary in a 'gender is meaningless' kind of way and will happily refer to myself as a woman, girl, boy, man, dude, guy, fella, she/her, he/him, they/them, whatever. Just not a lady because that feels too classy and I'm uncomfortable with that.

  6. With ‘gender is meaningless’, do you mean cassgender or cassflux?

  7. No. Quoigender and autigender most accurately describe my gender experience, although I don't prefer to use either of those labels. I'd rather just stick with using non-binary and not thinking too hard about it because it's too confusing and makes my brain hurt.

  8. I would call that toxic positivity. Just because it feels bad to feel bad, doesn't mean we should avoid feeling bad at all costs. Like if someone you care about dies, the only way through the pain is to feel it. Pushing it down and ignoring your very real and valid feelings is just as unhealthy as wallowing in them forever. It's okay to not be okay.

  9. Thank you — in which case I could somehow accept that this situation is bad for me and confront my anxiety about leaving. I wish the situation gets better but at some point I gotta accept that it won’t.

  10. Maybe the way to reframe this situation is to say that leaving situations that are bad for you and won't get better is the best way to care for yourself and your future happiness. I hope that things get better soon.

  11. I love it too! I was really happy with how fast they work up too. I am making an afghan for my Sister's birthday. Here is what I've done so far 😉 It's not laid out flat or anything .. just a quickie shot.

  12. It could be a vocal stim. I'm autistic so I stim a lot to self regulate, but people who aren't autistic can also stim to relieve stress.

  13. since ur like 30, jus thought that, u probs hav a lot of knowledge abt these autism related thingys.. could we chat abt these and related;-;

  14. Sure if you like. Just know that I was only diagnosed two months ago so I'm still learning, and I'm Australian so any advice I could give about resources will be limited if you're from somewhere else.

  15. Most of my childhood bullies became nurses. I have complicated feelings about those people working with vulnerable communities.

  16. I think you're right to trust your gut on this. Just because you're getting married doesn't mean he suddenly has the right to tell you what to do with your life or how to dress. If he's insecure, he needs to sort that shit out, not push it onto you like it's your fault and your responsibility to take care of. It seems like you're a sensible person with your head on straight, so I don't know why your friends are telling you that you're wrong to be cautious about this.

  17. "Thought provoking" questions like "is the ocean a soup" that people can't see the forest for the trees when arguing about it. The main point of soup is that it's edible. Regardless of what's in it, the ocean is not edible.

  18. Have you tried sunglasses with different coloured tinting? I know of someone who wears red tinted glasses to help with light sensitivity. Or you may need a darker than normal tint. Maybe something worth talking to an optometrist about.

  19. I've just learnt to hold it. Not healthy, I know, but I won't use a disgusting toilet unless I'm desperate. Then I'll have to shower when I get home.

  20. You'll probably need to talk to a dentist. They'd have information about how to protect your teeth, and be able to assess if there's been any damage so far.

  21. Sounds to me like you have a bad doctor. I have had doctors in the past who would dismiss my very legitimate symptoms and concerns as "just anxiety" and this is giving me that vibe. I would try to get a second opinion with a different doctor if you can.

  22. The person that diagnosed my autism said she won't diagnose ADHD in someone with ASD because there's so much symptom overlap it's hard to say what is an autism symptom and what is an ADHD symptom. But yea, seems like there's a pretty high co-occurrence.

  23. As a comorbid person with multiple asd-only friends I can easily identify an ADHD symptom in my buddies that are autistic but unsure about ADHD (and similarly my ASD friends without ADHD have obvious differences from us). So strange that professionals feel incapable of it.

  24. Yea my psychologist is pretty open to say she thinks I have both, but she's not able to make diagnoses unfortunately.

  25. Do you have commitment issues? Or is it that you like the attention he gives you more than you like him?

  26. If you have no reason to question his loyalty to you, then you have nothing to worry about. It really just comes down to whether you trust him or not, and if you don't trust him then that's a different issue you need to worry about.

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