1. FOR TRADE: Looking for Skate like a girl Dunk, Patta AM 1 Summit White, Taxi Jordan 1, any dunk low, new balance. Want to get some beaters (want multiple pairs)

  2. What’s the name of the pair on the right mate? Love em

  3. I believe in you then! Lol. I also wanna try and save up money but seems like every other week they keep releasing heat! Tomorrow I’ll be trying to go for the Lobsters after that I’m honestly gonna try my hardest to save up lol.

  4. Yea I remember when I couldn’t resist trying to get every release. Guess I burned out after trying to chase my grails for 10 years lol. Realized all I really wanted were Chicagos and I got them so I’m gonna chill now lol

  5. An aesthetic an old school car like this deserves.

  6. Definitely, one of the main reason I started using film

  7. Thank you!! The best place to take pictures on campus lol

  8. Are those Chronicles stickers? If so, that's awesome. I had a set on my TSX until I actually bought some Advan RGs. Now I have the real decals.

  9. Haha yea they are!! Idk if you can see but I have the big one at the rear window too. I’m hoping to get advans one day but the oem itr wheels are gonna do for now

  10. That's cool. I didn't notice the rear window. I bought my Advans from Thailand 2 years ago when the government was giving away money. They are the OG ones. Gold with a blue stripe and they weren't nearly as expensive as the new ones.

  11. Oh nice!! I’m basic and want TC4s but who knows, can’t use all my money just yet since I’m still tryna finish college

  12. Nice! Very similar to mine except I have a type r inspired one :).

  13. Totaled my base auto back in April 178k miles and really good condition got 10.6k from full coverage in Cali as well

  14. Do u see me getting more than the total damage adjuster said it was at 5,388

  15. Honestly not too sure I think I got my estimate when the market was still high back in April and I guess it depends on your adjuster as well. Like I said it was really in good condition and it was all stock when I got mine and I was the first to touch a lot of things on the car so I’m not too sure

  16. Which the rsx or civic? I never really like the Crab tails. I dig the new civics, especially the typeR.

  17. What center caps did you use? I’m trying to find a set of Acura logos that fit like this on the Type R wheels

  18. I use the OEM ones but I covered the Acura logo and painted them Kaiser Silver like the wheel.

  19. Oh nice do you remember what size they were?

  20. Did you buy the ground effects kit or did it come with it? Looking for a good set on eBay

  21. Ground effects kit? If you’re talking about my lips, side skirts and wing they are all OEM type R and they came with the car.

  22. Yes unfortunately I don’t have OEM money so hoping to find decent eBay reps. I did that for my EK Coupe and they came out oretty decent after paint. But the DC5 ones are so much more expensive so I don’t want to burn my pockets up with a shitty rep

  23. Ahhh to be fair I’m not sure what companies make good lips as reps, on my old car I did have a really good rep wing but it was sold out and couldn’t find another.

  24. I used to do that, until I realized that I was just hoarding and would almost certainly not wear through the staggering amount of shoes I had. Ended up losing money selling off a lot, but I don’t miss any of them, had money in my pocket, and feel much less ridiculous (still have too many)

  25. Yea I did that with other shoes hit sold those, these I really like and wear almost constantly so I think I can justify with

  26. Lol I don’t think I can go back in time and buy most of the nightmare before Christmas collection 😂🥴

  27. That’s what eBay is for haha, been searching for this pair since 2017 and finally have multiple

  28. The heavier a shift knob is, the more weight (leverage) you put on the stock springs and bushings, which will make slop more noticeable.

  29. Ok nice, it's what I have. I guess they are taking it away? Or are they letting you keep it?

  30. I’m letting them take it, the total payout was really good so I’m just not gonna risk looking any of it

  31. This was just a base auto. Insurance is giving me a payout since it was fully covered

  32. Oh wow the Fitment is actually a lot better than I was expecting. The marks aren’t too bad at all! Thank you very much for this, puts my mind at ease a little, you didn’t modify your hangers or anything?

  33. Haha so the fitment was actually fixed a little bit. Funny story I was not paying attention when I was backing up and hit the exhaust pretty hard on a curb. Ended up bending it in three spots so I had to take it to a shop to get it rewelded back together. They actually tucked the mid pipe a little more and brought out the tip a little bit farther.

  34. Haha shit happens, ok good to know! I might get my guy to extend the pipe a bit so I can have the tip out further & ill probably cop some hangers. Appreciate it!

  35. Yea that’s what I was thinking about too as much as I love the look of the little tilted exhaust I don’t like it hanging that low especially with me already hitting it before

  36. Have this on mine and I think it’s either the exhaust manifolds heat shield being loose or the exhaust manifold gasket needing to be replaced. Haven’t really solved it yet though

  37. Wow. Very nice. Very cool. Much type r. Vroom.

  38. Where’d you get the type r lip kit from? Looks like it fits real good

  39. My side skirts and rear lip are oem but front isn’t (silver car) trying to find an oem one to complete the set

  40. Not sure why someone would report this. It's a weird one too.

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