1. Depends on the partner. If it's someone you have good chemistry with and cares about your pleasure as much as yours, then yes.

  2. I think it's super hot, but it's not a requirement for good head.

  3. Between the view, being able to go faster, and the deep penetration, I can see why it makes some men cum fast.

  4. Her: butt stuff. She was strongly against it until I fingered her ass while going down on her and fucking her from behind. We slowly worked our way up to me taking her anal virginity and her loving it.

  5. We're relative newbs and kinda felt this way, it's comforting to see we're not the only poors on the scene. Lol. I work a blue collar job and my partner is a perpetual office worker. We're not scraping by, but we're far from the richest people in the room.

  6. Dating and hooking in general has these problems. Looking for couples can make it even tougher.

  7. Our communication has only gotten better, we've become more sociable from reaching out and talking to people and mingling at the club, jealousy and insecurites lessened, and we find each other sexier than ever.

  8. Nah man, that's super vague. you might have to just ask her straight up

  9. I got her a hammock for her squishmallows that I bought for her already.

  10. I'd at least give it a try, if it felt right. It's not something I feel the need to go out of my way for, but I'd be willing to experiment with the right person to see if I liked it or not.

  11. I trust them both, so yeah. I'd think it was weird but I guarantee nothing would happen.

  12. To paraphrase one of my favorite comics: "kinksters are basically sex nerds"

  13. It doesn't if you do it right lol. Then for males, our equivalent to the g spot is in there for some reason lol.

  14. I remember one of my ex's friends claiming that she only dated guys with at least 11 inches of dick, and only if they could last minimum 1 hour in bed.

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