***Pro Tip : If you are new, read up. If you don't do Due Diligence on Cash positions, Cash Burn, and will get killed in this subreddit. I've made mistakes, like most. The goal is not constantly repeating them, so do your homework! Some Light DD on $GNS vs $HLBZ Included **

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  1. Yup fits into what I said over the last couple months DD. Armistice gets shares but so does C-H the underwriter. There is also a strange clause that legally allows the underwriter to like pump up the stock and it’s not called manipulation

  2. Most likely in my opinion, Armistice going to pump to unload the set of shares they have now because they have 2 sets of warrants at 3.20 and 2 they still need to get to….

  3. Good to hear from you and thanks for responding to my call! Aw there's no doubt about the fuckery that was going on and their concern. The interference with yon shortsqueeze Reddit page said it all! So you think with the warrants at $2 there'll be a brief drop again?

  4. 2 dollar warrants can’t be touched until April 4th

  5. Pure speculation here, but maybe it blew up after hours on a Friday because someone with money had a bearish set of options at $1.50 and it was suppressed this week. AH Friday spikes on small cap stocks always make me suspect a successful bearish whale has loosened their grip temporarily.

  6. If you remember some of my DDs I would talk about how MM are incentivized to suppress options chains to burn retails premiums. Being the puts were not that stacked, I’d lean toward the MM taking retails premiums

  7. ATER isn't going anywhere until Armistice wants to pump it. The last set of $2 warrants is eligible on April 4th but they are holding too many shares to remain under 9.99% ownership. That means they will have to really run up on the next run or there will be two separate mini runs.

  8. I literally wrote a DD explaining why HLBZ was out of cash and was going to dilute. I got downvoted for it. They had 600k cash and burn through 13 million a quarter

  9. Technically yes, but nothing that wasn't there from the IPO. The company didn't directly dilute this week but the events of the stock moving that much did trigger notes convertible to be opened up.

  10. There was a clause hidden in the F-1 about a Property group and a 10 day moving average if it went to a certain level, it would trigger a sale to this person/group.

  11. No way I'm touch either of them tbh. Gns is up like a 1000% with an open offering. Hlbz is just trash in general was a fun trade but ceo is sketchy

  12. The offering on GNS is not filed with the SEC which the CEO confirmed they are not doing. Just fyi

  13. Still Gns and BBbY for me. Planning my exit for hlbz this morning. Hlbz Float is too big to have a sizeable run imo. GNS ceo still leading the charge and I’m backing him.

  14. HLBZ has notes convertible at .25 which will keep it from really going anywhere. It will pump and then they will unlock them. Also have warrants as well

  15. Got link for Gns video? I figured it was mostly people taking profits but that’s really interesting for the notes! You think it effectively is capping this play at $5.17?

  16. No, not capped. I think it's going to go in two phases. The first was the run up, the second is the FTDs. Retail is buying the stock with their brokers who are usually Prime brokers.

  17. I think we all agree that we're not hearing enough from the SEC.

  18. thanks . I needed this to justify my rationale whether to put money on GNS to earn quick bucks. The GNS short volume last week was 10x the float and I thought it could be some play there but now I think I'll just focus on GME & towel stock. DRS!

  19. Yeah that’s fair. We will see what happens this week.

  20. In fairness, I'm pretty sure Wes and her aren't like BFFs so that might have something to do with it.

  21. The impressive sleuthing of this community…proud

  22. Hey Anon, You said you got in at around 0.50, what was the reason you bought in and why didn’t you post something around the time you bought in?

  23. So I got in after I looked at the tiny micro float and saw they had 2 years left of cash at their current cash burn. I saw they did an interview with Wes and I started the position. They had gapped up and I tried getting a large position started at the .46 gap.

  24. Lol sounds like you need to start a new account build some karma and then you are as free as a bird man. Lol


  26. I'd like to point out that while their stock is gone up the last two days, BBBY filed for an active ATM (At the Money Offering) which is active. At some point soon if their share price starts to rocket, BBBY will started selling shares 150 Million of dilution into their run up. You watch. I'm holding $6 dollar bags AFTER averaging down, so I'm just as stuck as many people on that one.

  27. Yeah. I think he had a chance to really expose the system but chose to walk away with tons of money. I get it but by not doing the right thing….he let it continue screwing people over

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