1. I’ve had mine for a couple months. This was a big upgrade for me so I’m still learning all the features, buttons and tricks. Coming from a different camera system but so far I’ve been able to take some really good photos / videos, enough to justify to my wife it’s worth the money.

  2. I’ve personally called it a cult/echo chamber.

  3. Fuuucckkk. You mean they won? Man, they are getting the entire song? Like all of it??

  4. That one yes. I’m still in that play because their balance sheet was better than AMC and most of the meme stocks. I thought they were going to acquire a profitable company with 1.6 billion in cash they raised and very little debt.

  5. Just want to clarify that’s a different anon lol. I’ve been trying to warn retail since Feb.

  6. The mental gymnastics these people are doing to prove they didn’t make a HUGE mistake is amazing.

  7. Well, the bears were right, so it makes sense that most people are on that side now.

  8. Have you seen the cult towel sub who are desperately trying to pivot away BBBY after producing 0 accurate DDs / theories/ predictions ?

  9. I did attempt to average down and Schwab who I was forced to go to apparently won’t let me buy GME on same day transfers but will let me buy other stocks….

  10. It's very easy to get confused by all that tin.foil bullshit and misinterpretation and detail irrelevance bullshitting.

  11. I listened to the whole thing. Essentially it boils down to this.

  12. Jake has the understanding you would expect of like a first or second year associate in finance. Knows a bunch of different areas, but completely misapplies them and mixes things up.

  13. I was there yesterday but today I can’t access the discord. Link didn’t work.

  14. Weird. DM me on Discord or on Reddit DM, and I'll get it figured out.

  15. It would start with 11 but after dilution it would have 600 million fingers and toes

  16. But multiplied by the 0 on the Bobby side it might be in danger of having no digits at all

  17. For guys with unwavering conviction in their investment, these misogynist fincels sure seem to get sputtering mad when anybody exposes them to the fact that they've been wiped out.

  18. Is there a link to this conversation? I’ve been out of the loop.

  19. It's a Twitter space thing so it'll probably get posted up somewhere when it's complete. My understanding is the bear in this case is still a GME pumper, so I wouldn't expect them to be too smart.

  20. Dunno, I’ve seen her call out some pretty dumb people before who misinterpreted filings before. I’d say smarter than most non professionals

  21. platinum is good people and a friend. she respectfully declined to be a mod here because she honestly just wants the bbby apes to leave her alone, and rightfully so. need i not remind you of the unsolicited dick pics and threats of rape that some of our members have had to endure from the other community.

  22. Ditto. That one guy, can’t even remember his name but I think he was a former marine fancied himself some sort of savant investor ended up leading a bunch of people down the ATER rabbit hole.

  23. I owe you an apology. I was unaware of the fuller picture of your efforts, and I retract my criticisms of you. I’m sorry. This community, and retail investors in general need more smart people like you who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. So many charlatans out there, convincing and misleading people. It’s hard to know who to trust. I don’t feel that you owe any apologies. Please keep up your good work.

  24. DM me and I'll talk to you about what I'm doing. This goes for everyone reading this.

  25. By the time you trade from following 13f/g’s….you are their exit liquidity

  26. I've only seen clips. I saw them steam roll a couple people asking smart questions but I don't think they were fully prepared for being treated as a hostile.

  27. They are selective on who they allow on there. For example, they aren’t letting a legitimate bankruptcy attorney onto their show who might expose or explain how it actually works. Why?

  28. Pigcows = Related to ManBearPig from South Park..... :)

  29. They are focusing on the core business , trying to reduce spending and get profitable

  30. It was not making its ROI so they needed to focus on things that make money.

  31. Yeah, they need retail/retirement savings to be their exit liquidity like usual. They sell high and we hold their bags.

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