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  1. Yeah no, unfortunately it wont even play. No play or pause button, just werid chinese website

  2. Damn. No one deserves to die like this

  3. Med brown looks most mature and elegant imo

  4. Why have such a strong relationship and intrest in your ex if you love your boyfriend?

  5. Where is the dollyflesh hamster video?

  6. I hate this kind of suicide mfers, whats the deal with making some innocent person carry with the responsibility of killing you?

  7. What a selfish thing to say considering she took her own life and essentially that driver is fine.

  8. He is 100% fucking pathetic. Very controlling and dare I say sexist?

  9. I had a similar experience when i was 17. He was 21 and a drug dealer and very abusive. I didn't think it was a flex per se but I definitely could not recognize the red flags during that time. It was toxic for 2 years on and off and then finally I left him and healed from the trauma he caused me. He was grooming me the whole time and I mistook it for love.

  10. Verde? I only knew of her and OT, but not anymore lol

  11. Yeah this new guy verde wouldn't be surprised if he's providing her with drugs like LSD and keeping isolated from fans because most of the updates of her come from his Instagram. And he looks like a drug dealer

  12. There are worse to yourself

  13. You mean men that are poc and gay

  14. Was it affordable? I want to own a house in japan too but idk how hard it is being a us citizen

  15. Way more affordable than back home, that’s for sure. About 12,000,000 yen? 5 bedroom, living, kitchen, separate toilet and bath.

  16. Was it hard to live in japan as a foreigner? Or were you able to live in the country after buying a house? Sorry if its a lot of questions..just curious

  17. Omg. Thats awesome. Thank you for the reply

  18. A museum in portland...forgot the name

  19. Receipts? Nah they don't wanna prove anything.

  20. U look like a girl that has no interest in men

  21. I hate racist people man..just ignore the bigots and you do you. They look dope

  22. No mask, no shots. If i get sick i stay home. Why? Because I've had no anecdotal proof that I need either to be healthy.

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