1. The video, which smells of propaganda from start to finish, is seen in 2.12 seconds, FSA fighters we know. Did YPG get you to prepare this video in a few days when it was cornered? :D

  2. Well no they didnt Fight Isis, they using ex Isis members as Proxys

  3. While many western countries only provided weapons support to the anti-ISIS coalition and bombed them from the air, Turkiye is also a country that launched a counter-ground operation. Even on this page, if you search for "ISIS", you will see Turkish conflicts among the results.

  4. Ah, that is unfortunate. Hopefully the West arranges some sort of task force to eliminate the Turkish military soon, we can only pray. Turkey, Russia, China and Iran seem to be the permanent axis of evil.

  5. You'll have to sacrifice millions of your soldiers to join the task force you're talking about and the west will never put its comfy ass in danger.

  6. The PKK's Syrian branch, the terrorist organization YPG, killed 6 civilians in a bomb attack in Istanbul last month, and a student and a teacher in a rocket launch attack on the school last week. After this image, people in my country are questioning the attitudes of Ukraine.

  7. Then stop your little silly president sending those "special " Forces to kurdistan, also, waste of guns since the kurds just take them lmao

  8. I have bad news for you, dear terrorist supporter. Although the admins approve the pkk actions of the admins in this channel and restrict the turkish war posts, turkish telegram channels have been overflowing with the corpses of the pkk dead lately. Even the fact that pkk people cling to fake news like chemical weapons here is a sign that pkk is cornered, if you want, I can give you the link of these telegram channels.

  9. CombatFootage a atacak bi babayiğit?

  10. oraya atılması için savaş anının videoda veya fotoda olması lazım buradakiler ise çatışma sonu gebertilmiş leşlerden başkası değil yani bu söylediğim kural olmasaydı orayı leş yağmuruna tutardım

  11. Hayvan gibi pkk propogandasının döndüğü

  12. oraya da attım lakin piç adminleri onaylamadı sadece ukrayna ve pkk propagandası geçerli diğerleri yani en azından Türk propagandası ve görüntüsüne izinleri yok

  13. Well damn. Turkey must have decided now is the time to go all in on the winning horse.

  14. Turkey had many military cooperation with Ukraine even before the war started.

  15. You just said Kurds without specifying where. They already did it. 11 civilians and a journalist killed hours ago.

  16. 1 hour ago, the Kurds hit a school in Turkey, there are dead students and teachers

  17. I forgot to mention in the title of the video. from the music source.

  18. I got this message from Turkish subtitles and I'm sharing it because I like it


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