1. This is the way!! Got the same at Harvest Athens the other day. Very nice batch! But all the Josh D I've had has been excellent

  2. You prolly don't really need either one. But whatever you decide is fine

  3. All day!! All night!! Few polar blast here an there to mix it up sum! Had my M for bout a yr now an I Love it

  4. Actually got some of these new drops in Southeast Ohio! It's rare, but I'm not complaining!

  5. But why do they call it "dab tabs", when in the description, it appears to just be a ceramic stone soaked in distillate?

  6. Put spoon n vise , heat spoon , drop n dab tab an roll around wit sum needle nose, inhale smoke thru straw. High AF!!! I mean a buddy gave em to me had to try em! I would not pay that for them thou

  7. Thought this was crystallizing from getting old sitting. I had one like this an the crystal s never really went away or burnt through the filter not sure. I am sure that this is not plant matter! 100

  8. Never had a bag n oHIo MMprogram that I Dig!!! Honestly I hate them! An usually take the scissors to them an put my shit n a jar wit a pac! Fuck them stupid ass bags can't ever open right

  9. Smoke dat shit! Might b dry af taste like hay! But it's all yours ! You grew it You get to smoke it

  10. The lemon slushee actually tasted bad imo but i love ice cream cake, one of the best in the program

  11. Seems like this last batch of lemon slushee was for shit! I had sum flower that had dat hay taste to it! I love luster pods but the last yr they all have been on the decline. I think or maybe just my tolerance. But something happened wit the luster pods 4 sure

  12. Looks like a shit ton of leaves! Would not want to b the one trimming that!

  13. Looks like sum good ol press pot to me! Definitely been around the block a few times but someone finally bought it. Better luck next time. Love Blue Dream Buzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Nope, just have no idea what I’m doing.

  15. You got dat one right! Read a book or do sum research. Seeded weed for miles on a windy day!

  16. I had a similar problem with a half of certified jungle fire smalls. Only weighed 6.8 grams when I got home. After days of emails, an posting pics on here. I posted sum pics on Instagram next day $ was n my PayPal account. Worth a shot ! I would post anywhere people can see it. Mistakes r going to happen. But u have to make it right. I've been wanting to try these guys but always so nervous to try new shit an get ripped off. Thank you for the heads up! But sorry you got screwed. Keep after them , report it to the board. Like it's gonna hurt them any to make it right. They don't understand how bad this fucks everything up. Time, $ , gas $, days used on product u don't get. Wait for days while they figure out what the fuck happened. Bunch of Bullshit! Surely this stuff is being video during packaging or is this done by hand??

  17. Honestly I'd pass on the Firelands Lusters for now IMO. They taste like... I don't know, they're just not right.

  18. Feel like luster pods n general have been for shit lately. Grow oHIo just seems to taste better than Klutch most of time. Firelands if u need to save 10$ I guess. Just my opinion. I have to have a luster every week for easy when I'm out an about

  19. Tally Mon is one of their better tasting pods. I like Firelands pods overall, I’ve probably tried more than 10 strains, TM is def one of the better ones. I also liked Cherry Lemon G, Gelato Fuel and Switchberry OG

  20. I try to light it in rotations as everyone recommended. I have a triple flame torch & typically heat it a second & a half past click. When I don’t heat it extra, it never really produces big clouds.

  21. I heat to the first click, put it back on magnet, heat like 2 or 3 secs pass 2 nd click hit an play the carb like a flute. Heat just a lil pass 3rd click an hit. Sometimes might get a 4th hit. But mostly the 2nd an 3rd hits r the best. It took me several weeks to find my sweet spot wit the heat. Best light I found was just a dollar store eagle lighter single flame that u can refill. Than I got a wand an Bingo! Still use my torch sum. Good luck! Stay at it u will find the cloud ur after

  22. No good! Love there high priced flower ! But the pods r a joke. Not sure about carts didn't know they had carts. I think all pods have went down hill! I use to love the luster but anymore

  23. Finishing up a half of this I got last week! On the same buckeye relief tray. Really like this one an it was only 126 or 130$ for regular nice nugs. Not smalls. If u haven't tried Gazzunga yet give it a chance. Another lower THC wit sum very nice terpenes

  24. Not if you want them this small

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