1. Got some for my birthday last october and one small hit actually had me overly medicated. Stuff is too strong for me but, i am very sensitive to THC even after medicating for the last 10 years, daily.

  2. Ohio cannibis connection. They are just giving cards away

  3. They’re aren’t “giving them away”. You still have to pay but i’m pretty sure if you get rejected you’ll get your money back

  4. Tried a couple, not too bad, don't recall if they charge or not. If you get a chance try the new FiSci live roain disposables, only a .35 but I've been really likin them

  5. They are not recharchable. There is misinformation online stating that they ARE rechargable but, they are NOT.

  6. I just got my ccw… i’ve had a medical card for 4 years. You just can’t have a gun with marijuana on your person

  7. It’s weird. My threshold is around 15mg. Below that I don’t feel shit, above that, I’m good!

  8. Me too it only takes me 10-20mg to get properly medicated. Lasts like 6 hours too

  9. Just watch out for “botanical terpenes” I am personally allergic to them and i know other people that are as well.

  10. Lighthouse Sciences, hands down. Best in the program.

  11. Yup lighthouse sciences got me extremely medicated on my birthday.. good stuff

  12. Ohio medical beats anything in Michigan (prices notwithstanding)….quality here is superb…program needs work but most flower from Galenas, Woodward, BR, and Klutch are in their own weight class…..

  13. $50.. Wow i’m so glad i’m driving up to michigan for hash bash this weekend

  14. Those things are barely filled , what like 300mg THC in each for $100+??? That is fucking insane. I’ve tried lighthouse concentrates and they are amazing but i could personally never because i’m a broke hoe

  15. Old dude really said “i’ll treat you like my child” as he’s beating his ass 😂

  16. No not at all! It just came with a cord. IMO the box looks similar to Klutch’s and the device kind of does too just under the dispos branding. So possibly 7.5?? That’s pure speculation tho I have no clue. I asked the bud tender and he just told me it was within state guidelines and whatever. It was extremely busy so I understand not being able to take the time to look into it. It’s just bothering me not knowing lol

  17. I got a klutch battery and the wattage is 5w

  18. Warm it up and stir it… it’s just like normal honey This is what REAL honey does. Great for allergies!

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