1. Downvote me and call me immature but you reap what you sow. If you’re gonna talk shit, then I’m gonna match my gameplay accordingly. I will stop if the rest of the team calls out the trash talker, otherwise, too bad.

  2. Usually, I call out the people who trashtalk. I get that people can't always be good at the game. I don't even know how it works on my end, but sometimes I'm the Match MVP while other times I'm in the lower half in KDAs. Unless people are playing terribly on purpose, I don't see why people have to be mean. If they can't control their temper, they shouldn't play. Being disrespectful to other players are against the rules, after all.

  3. Honestly if someone on my team is being an absolute twat I will just throw. At the end of the day it's just a video game and people should be at least civil to each other online or not.

  4. Yeah, I agree. After a bad game, I tell myself that to calm down. Then I play single player video games so I'd only have myself to blame if things went bad haha

  5. I love this so much! Misty doesn't get the love she deserves.

  6. Misty tries to get V to dissappear with those pills. Not a fan. 👋🏼

  7. She explained why she gave V the pseudoendotrizine (blue pills) along with the omega blockers (orange pills). The pseudoendotrizine was meant for a merciful and quicker transition if V can't find a way to fix it, since based on the game, it physically hurt V as Johnny was taking over his/her brain. Bottomline is, she was trying to help both ways.

  8. Silverhand Junior. From all the fucking around, it won't be a surprise if Johnny fathered some kid out there.

  9. I agree, I find the Type-66 in all variations to be good (not great) in a straight line, but terrible when turning. Rogue's is the best variant, followed by the one Dino gives you for finishing all his gigs. My favorite to drive are the Quadra turbo v-tech (Regular 740 variant is too slow), Archer Quartz Bandit, regular Archer quartz, Herrera Outlaw (Great handling despite being very long). The Mizutani Shion is better than the Type-66 but still is not "sporty" to maneuver around city streets because it's too long and heavy.

  10. somehow i can drive the type-66 javelina better than the mizutani shion. weird. though of all the cars, the type-66 cthulu is the hardest one to maneuver for me.

  11. This car looks so incredible, but yeah. I cant for the love of god drive it. I will stick to the Outlaw GTS

  12. Rogue's car. Absolute beauty. Weirdly enough, I hate driving the Aerondight. Just for collection purposes.

  13. Did u do anything specific to trigger this or was it by accident?

  14. just by accident. i went ??? for a minute there lol

  15. yup, with a few modifications though like her mischevious smile.

  16. David gave "they grow up so fast" a whole new meaning. - Me

  17. Preem art style! One of the best Cyberpunk character drawings I've seen for sure.

  18. Looks so good it could pass as official concept art

  19. Holy shit. I think you just gave me an “inspiration boost” for drawing myself a Edgerunners wallpaper for my new phone, this is some quality stuff 👌

  20. glad to be of help! hope we get to see your work too :)

  21. Only sometimes -- walking around, traveling, talking with NPCS, just navigating in general I think would be nice in 3rd person. But combat in 1st person is just so satisfying.

  22. I agree 100%! Like once an enemy detects you or when you draw your weapon, it turns to 1st person immediately.

  23. if you are on pc there is a mod that let you play in 3rd person already! this was all done before the official support from Cdpr, now with REDmod new walking animations will be added alongside camera scripts.

  24. That ass looks like it reduces fall damage by 30%

  25. For some weird reason I have the damn door code memorized.

  26. makes me think about how cool it would be if cyberpunk can be played in multiplayer mode and people would just hang out in places

  27. Always went around entering clothing vendors to get legendary clothes that look decent. Even if I can't see it while playing it bugs me when V isn't dressed nicely lol

  28. We should have the option to confront Woodman with a katana much more Tarantino-style.

  29. There's actually a katana in a locker near Woodman's office

  30. Not in the locker room, but in some sort of resting/makeup room, just lying around.

  31. Not in the locker room. I meant the lone locker in the hall near Woodman's door if I remember correctly. It's a basic Katana.

  32. How did you roll down your sleeves? A mod for PC?

  33. If you get on a bike with first person, then go into third, and then back, your sleeves will be rolled down. Don't know why this is how it works, but this is how it works.

  34. honestly i'm impressed that you noticed that 😂

  35. I like Darius' character design because it shows where the hidden blade began and what his connection is to the beginning of the assassins (raising Elpidios which leads to Aya and then Bayek)

  36. bumili ako ng phone sa shopee no problem naman. buti nalang pero COD ako para safe and buti hindi 'to nangyari saakin. pero advice for people na bumibili ng mahal na items (advice din nung rider saakin) i-video niyo before ma-open yung parcel as proof para ma refund.

  37. A boar or a hyena would kill them 68% of the time, then somehow every other citizen would immediately grab a weapon and try and kill you

  38. i would always go on a rampage when some citizen gets too close to the fight then gets hit and suddenly everyone is trying to kill me lol

  39. What are you a taxi? The mercenary has seen sht others wouldnt even think possible.. what crazy story would impress kassandra..

  40. well it's not meant to impress kassandra. it's meant to make players hear stories from NPCs. besides, there's nothing wrong with giving a ride to a random citizen. it could be a way to reach unknown locations or it could trigger an even bigger quest.

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