1. same thing happened to me. went to my history and removed them. Fixed it for me.


  3. Guess who just created LinkedIn account ?

  4. This joke may go over some people's heads but you made me laugh. Certified good one.

  5. hypothetically speaking where do I buy these? Asking for a friend (hypothetically of course)

  6. Many people recommands "everything" but do they propose a search bar widget or a shortcut to open it now?

  7. You can set shortcuts to open it. Mine is space+Ctrl+enter

  8. Massive water changes daily if there's fish in there until you can get Ammonia and Nitrite close to 0. 30ppm Ammonia is high enough to kill most aquatic life. Ideally it's 0, 0, and Nitrates 5-40 (40 max, should should trigger a water change at minimum for hardy fish). There's clearly bacteria in there turning ammonia into nitrites, and nitrites into nitrates, but it would appear as though she has vastly insufficient filtration for the bio load. Filtration should be able to keep Ammonia and Nitrites to 0 as I mentioned. What kind of filter? What media in the filter? What fish in the tank? Cleanliness of the tank? Is there tons of poop and old food around?

  9. She has a good canister filter but it's a new tank. She has definitely been overfeeding. Told her to cut back and feed smaller amounts more often. Two of her guppies had babies so there was a ton of unrated food in the baby penn. They are big enough now that we released them today.

  10. It feels like Covid became a thing a year ago max...holy shit. This is messing with my brain.

  11. to me it feels like people been saying "crazy to think its been 2 years since covid" for about 5 years now

  12. I'm so confused how nick was so calm through that whole thing before he confirmed it hit the rim.

  13. "do you think that was amouranths boyfriend?" holy shit that's fucked up.

  14. i use termux and installed yt-dlp on termux

  15. First, what protocol does your seedbox provider supports?

  16. If you're using Android, try RCX. It's rclone frontend and it supports FTP. If you're on iPhone, use Termius to use SFTP.

  17. What kind of hardware would I have to buy? Just a couple wifi cameras? or is there a specific one?


  19. I have the 15GB unlimited plan on my Surface Pro X and it's only $10 a month (since it's 50% off with a qualifying phone plan). Unlike mobile hotspots, there is no hard limits. You just get 15GB of premium data. It's not throttled to 600kbps after the 15GB.

  20. what do speeds look like after you use up all 15gb? can you watch youtube/twitch without it buffering

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