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  1. I thought it was the same clip as a video I made years ago, but the one I did had Bloom.

  2. I’m fucking beyond stoked to see him next week. I honestly thought he would’ve croaked before I got the chance to catch him live lmfao

  3. Yeah they were steep! I remember seeing him in Austin for $20 several years ago. Still worth it though. Junior Stopka opened for him, who I've been wanting to see for a while. Time wise I'd say his set ran about an hour fifteen/hour twenty maybe?

  4. Did Dave recognize you from that one time you kept your face covered when you were having your pic taken with Stanhope to be sent to DAVE FREAKIN ATTELL???

  5. Lol, well Doug just kinda grabbed me for a picture while I was ordering a drink (masks are still required indoors in Oregon), and I didn't think to take it off. I got another picture with him later in the evening though,

  6. Didn't think I ever see my hometown on the front page, haha! This is in Wicklow Town, Ireland.

  7. Wasn't aware of this. I'll fix that today!

  8. You can get a festive livery for most cars, but you have to go to the Los Santos Customs in Paleto Bay unfortunately.

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