1. Would this not be correct insofar as it's depicting Russia rather than the Russian Empire?

  2. This joke has absolutely infected reddit

  3. Guys this is a tumblr reference, not reddit

  4. On top of what everyone else has said, their prices are the same everywhere in the country so they’re going to be cheap in places with high cost of living (like here) and expensive in places with low cost of living

  5. Arrowhead all the way, however kirkland is also really good

  6. Public transit is great here. There’s an express bus that goes straight to downtown sb regularly and buses to take you around goleta, including target

  7. For starters, great ball and sonia are not really played in decks. Great ball is inconsistent and sonia is just too slow. If you need more ways of getting pokemon, try evolution incense and/or more quick/ultra balls.

  8. Nahhh they done put the whole month in one row 💀

  9. Easy to play, cheap to build, and can be adapted to this meta. A good SPA for new player (not to much stuff to know). Lost city is a mess, items lock could be...

  10. Lost city could be cringe but if you play 4 pokestop you should be good, as (i think) no one really plays 4 lost city

  11. That's true, but one radiant greninja with one lost city is enough to screw your game over

  12. no fucking clue but this is the best beat kendrick's ever been on

  13. That key tag gets you free frostys ? How many can you get, and how did you obtain such an item :0 !!!!

  14. it's a free mini (kids size?) frosty with any purchase. they keytag was like $1.20 but they only sold it for a limited time a couple weeks ago

  15. • ⁠Apple Watch Series 7 w/ tornado/gray sport loop

  16. IIRC you just need multivariable/3d integrals toward the end of pstat120a

  17. No, it’s a specific ucsb stop (SBU?) i believe the only line that stops on campus is the one that goes to dtla i.e. if you want to go north you’re out of luck

  18. Me with Uprising by Muse but now i just have a greater appreciation for the song

  19. I looove v battle decks for strictly casual play. I own 6 to play with people who have never played before. If you want to go any more competitive than that, look into the league battle decks, like the new mew one.

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