1. The free will wasn’t a bad smoke, but it was t amazing either. Most likely wouldn’t buy again. Just stick with master blends or any Serie v

  2. From a 701 guy that always joked that I got the best colors, I have to say that's the best looking 690/701 I've ever seen. The Tractionators just add to it. Great bike!!!!!

  3. He doesn’t represent Maine. Go back to Texas…

  4. I live in Texas. He can fuck off and stay the hell outta here too. I think you may be mistaking where I live for Mississippi.

  5. Mega thanks for checking. I have the Woolich Racing hardware already installed (by RideNow) and have the Woolich “key” for the 2022 MT-10 it just needs to be mapped on a Dyno now. If you think he’d be willing to help me I’d pay a premium to have it mapped locally vs driving to San Antonio to have it done.

  6. FYI, the guy recommending you flash the ECU on your post was Chas

  7. Thanks again for checking. I found a Woolich certified tech w/a Dyno out in Hill Country who’s going to get me squared away.

  8. I think i have the lightest big bore dual sport (xr650l) and it still goes down quite easily, just like yours is napping in pic.

  9. The 701 is actually lighter at 320 vs 346. Everything goes down on ice and conversely, not much is fun or easy to pick up on ice :)

  10. texas is so damn garbage for dirtbike riders. Every square foot of usable land is private property.

  11. Hey, look at the bright side, at least you don't have to live in West Virginia.

  12. I was trying in vain to remove a banner my WP guy installed on my site a while ago. If I remember correctly, I found the image as a slider or slide, and was able to remove and replace it that way. Since this is a WP image, it may be different, but I just thought to throw it out there.

  13. Cigar Page has a sale on them as someone pointed out. I like the Oliva Serie V and the V Melanio as an alternative to these.

  14. So these are the conditions my parents walked to school with when they were kids. Wow.

  15. It was reported to be colder on Mt. Washington than on Mt. Everest that day. Crazy to think.

  16. The top of Everest? Where can you access that info? That sounds hella interesting.

  17. Why ask here about insurance as opposed to calling an insurance agent or looking it up on an insurance co website if you want to know rates?

  18. Gotcha. Just bear in mind that insurance is very selective depending upon age, experience, company, region, etc.

  19. I believe it’s because they use a brown sugar or a cane sugar in their recipe.

  20. Cane. It's the same as we had here back in the day before corn syrup, etc was used.

  21. I'd also like to point out that nobody gives a shit if it's your birthday, you got a new job/promotion, or you're having/expecting a fucking baby.

  22. Hit me up if you want to ride on a weekend. There are three difficulty levels to the single track. I tend to ride expert but all of them are fun.

  23. Will do, and thanks! On a 701, I doubt it'd be in anyone's best interests (other than G Jarvis or C Birch) to ride expert on a 701:) Where are you located?

  24. If you hadn't posted these I'm not sure I would have heard about this place. I recently picked up a wr250r and the trails look like a good place to get used to some dirt riding without being super technical.

  25. Cool. This group would be a good resource for you I believe.

  26. Rare to see a 701 with pillion pegs still on it! Good looking bike mate

  27. I put them back on for my daughter. She loves a ride around the neighborhood :)

  28. Nice scoot. Looks like a cool riding area. Now to the important stuff, Kreuz, Smitties or Blacks? Happy trails.

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