1. I love it when the Bengals lose. Tears of delusional fans nourish my soul.

  2. Calling everyone a fascist is an open communist tactic. How many of these blue voters are actually socialists?

  3. I’m a socialist. Fuck these fucks and fuck anyone that would defend the unAmerican fascist weenies.

  4. The only nazis in Ukraine are the Russian invaders. Fuck off with your Russian propaganda, comrade.

  5. Thats because its a watch. Everyone has slapped a watch on their wrist at some point in their lives. Digitizing that product is classic disruption that follows a curve to play out. How big is the market of people who slap computers over their eyes?

  6. I haven’t worn a watch since I was a teenager, but recently got a refurbished Series 7 for tracking workouts and walking my puppy. Absolutely love it, but it feels weird as hell to wear a watch after so long not wearing one. I wear glasses every day, so I can absolutely see how there could be value here.

  7. Is this really a surprise? When groceries become unattainable to a lot of folks these luxuries aren’t the priority

  8. I was hanging out with some friends the other day and one of them just got an iPhone 13. Everyone was shocked to see I’m still on my old 8+, but it works like a champ, so I haven’t seen a single reason to replace it. I put a new screen protector on it last year and that’s been the only “maintenance.”

  9. At least your idol AOC is number one at something, huh? ;-)

  10. She’s accomplished more than you have on behalf of Americans. Put your money where your mouth is.

  11. She's certainly enriched herself at the expense of Americans -- yet she doesn't want to pay her student loan! LOL

  12. I'd ask you to provide a link to exactly where she said that, but we already know you're completely full of shit and just making up whatever conforms to your precious little fee-fees. Melt on, snowflake!

  13. Good. They DO NOT NEED to be teaching that . THEY COULD BE TEACHING ANYTHING AT ALL BUT THAT. That's for parents /guardians. Ohio should teach foundational English. Foundational law. Just a few things needed to be taught.

  14. Every bit of your post is an indictment of our educational system. What a joke.

  15. I think also, the show has a similar hook to other popular ones like The Walking Dead.

  16. Exactly this. My mom was looking for something to start after The Walking Dead ended and she loved the first episode of LoU.

  17. She-rod? Really? That's the best you have? I know 4th graders who can come up with better insults. Why are right wingers like you so bad at roasting liberals?

  18. Because rather than spending time in creative pursuits or exercising independent thought they go for the lamest, most lazy insults because humiliation, degradation, and cruelty are the point. It’s “bless your heart” evolved to a final wonderbread form.

  19. Thanks for confirming your bitterness. Nothing says worker solidarity like being a bitter little edgelord. Grow up.

  20. And I will still never consider owning anything associated with Elon Musk. Fuck Tesla.

  21. So far, I only have two; a generic black one that came with my refurbished watch, and the black metal mesh one I picked up at Marshall’s for $12. Out of the two, I prefer the mesh one right now, the silicon one is a bit sweatier and a bit too tight. I’m looking on Etsy at getting a custom leather band made for gigs.

  22. But at least her friend can grift a couple thousand in donations…

  23. I've pried those open with a flathead screwdriver before.

  24. Why is this kind of promotional garbage being allowed on the sub at all?

  25. I’ve literally got an ad for sports gambling on this post. Fuck this state.

  26. Gaetz nominating Jordan was fucking hilarious, especially when Jordan voted for McCarthy. Their slim majority is doomed.

  27. Hating things isn’t a personality trait, and it won’t make you any friends

  28. I had to put down my elderly dog the week before Christmas. Then on Thursday my mum and step-dad both tested positive for COVID, so we had to cancel the family holiday and because I went Christmas shopping with them, I was exposed and had to isolate. So Christmas was spent alone which made me feel the loss of my dog even more.

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