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  1. Hey is just trying to avoid being classified by a security. Which I think is total BS since I am definitely relying on him to pay developers to create the product?

  2. Coup (3-6 players) and Hanamikoji (2 players only). Both come in very small boxes

  3. Hanamikiji is out of print but you can get jinxa academy instead

  4. Leave it under your bed for a year

  5. I have social anxiety, haha, but I'm trying to push myself out my comfort zone and meet new people, so trying to figure out the best environment.

  6. I just went to my first meet up a few weeks ago. Just go! It is so much worse just thinking about it then actually going

  7. Buy a copy of the orange box with it

  8. Eh. It’s fine. They’re assholes, but so am I. I am working on expanding the group, but I have severe anxiety and psychosis, so I can be a lot to deal with too. Plus, boardgaming is my passion - they’re more casual about it. I have a huge collection of shit.

  9. Wingspan definitely. For all the buzz and praise it receives everywhere it's just... okay? Really, for me it feels like 6/10 game.

  10. Have you tried it at 2 players? I find it a bit more interesting then 3+. I would never want to play it at 5

  11. It's really not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. If your group is used to playing medium weight games or heavier, you'll have no trouble playing it. I think its popularity and theme attract people who aren't as comfortable with these type of games, they think it might be a cute easy game to play with casual friends and family.

  12. I have only played solo digitally, but it seems like a rough teach. Okay player, let me explain what you do for 5 to 10 minutes, now you wait while I explain the next person their rules, etc, etc.

  13. When they fix the artwork maybe i'll come back. 3rd edition?

  14. Check out jamey stegmaier youtube channel for info from board game design and publishing.

  15. One of my favorite games. For me it was the perfect solo game. A big plus was how fast the set-up and teardown time is. I could have a game going in literally 60 seconds, which made me play this a lot!

  16. Tom also said this one of the top games that he has cooled on the most and it has “frankly bad game design”. He said that it isn’t as good as he remember and just thought it was okay. Games like destinies and sleeping gods have replaced it.

  17. Regardless of what other folks might say, the real problem with Epic is that simply that it’s not Steam. Seriously, that’s it. Folks will tell you the same bullshit about whatever other game store and security and UI and this, that & the other. But for the most part it’s just yet another example of gamers hating on the “other” thing.

  18. Two groups of 3 or 4? Or just look up those bingo style games which can support unlimited players. Hadrians wall, roll and writes, etc.

  19. And we've seen a lot of similar things before. How the government "can't touch crypto." Well now Tornado Cash has been sanctioned. Use it and you can go to federal prison. If there is even a question on whether a token is a security, exchanges will delist immediately.

  20. But you are “sacrificing”. It’s for freedom of speech!

  21. Top 10 games that murdered other games

  22. As of today (AUG 30, 2022), that is now a broken link and it does not come up through Tabletopia search. In other words...

  23. Indeed it is gone :/ here is the entry on wayback machine where it was there for those interested

  24. I just fixed this in my garage. It is pretty common because builders slap the mud on quickly and the constant heating and cooling in the garage cause this too. You will need to tear the tape off and re do it. Get a Roll of paper tape and some plus 3 mud and go at it.

  25. Did I see correct? 220km/h in such road? This guy is stupid

  26. If you have another offer that pays more? then yes. If not, no

  27. Don’t waste your money on water cooling

  28. The word your looking for is libel

  29. The trouble with desalination is you end up with a lot of intensely salty brine at the end of the process. It’s hard to dispose of safely without messing up local habitats.

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