1. That’s cool and all but WHAT LANGUAGE and WHO is her voice actor?? I love their voice especially when she said “BOOM!”

  2. Thank god now hopefully they STOP TOUCHING HER

  3. Glad you’re happy as most of us!! Welcome back brother!! But might I suggest one thing:

  4. I haven't read it in depth, but I feel the move speed from the R, is very high in early. I would make it scale like 0.25/0.5/0.75% per stack, based on the ult level

  5. Literally if you walk out of combat for more than 1.5 you revert and her range is shorter. We just suffered having her gutted for so long. She’s fine. Just CC her or hide in a bush and ambush her lol

  6. If you’re asking if you can run a bruiser build, then yes you can. I do it now pre-mid scope zeri and still do good. Last game I went 13/4 but then again I’ve been playing her a while now.

  7. No she’s not. The “if you’re good with her then she’s fine” arguement is not valid either. That applies to literally any champion.

  8. Not an issue, it’s actually pretty normal especially in the LGBT world since we’re much much smaller of a community. Your situation sounds super similar to my and my boyfriends. We didn’t care and nor did anyone we knew. As long as your priorities match up live your life!!! We chose happiness and it was worth it

  9. YES I’ll spam her top lane with Predator and build tank

  10. Glad you discovered this is, it’s the only build I play on her since I got her. The armor pent and max health damage from BORK and eclipse works wonders 😂 sometimes I’ll change bloodthirst for one of the titánics or blade cleaver too. Makes her shred everyone and either be tanky or heal for an insane amount.

  11. As for tv shows "Casados con hijos" has the accent most of us have, its kinda old and sexist but has its funny moments and might help you get expressions and tone right. You could also start chatting/speaking daily with Argentinean ppl in order to naturalize the accent, most of us are friendly and probably want to help

  12. I actually like old sitcoms haha. Shows similar to FRIENDS, Two Broke Girls, Always Sunny in Philly, That’s So Raven, Hannah Montana, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, George Lopez, etc. I love them all. Thank you for this!!!

  13. The american youtuber dustin luke did that. he moved to arg and specifically wanted a porteno accent. look through his past videos.

  14. Checked him out!! Subscribed immediately. I also found a couple YouTubers. “Un topo por el mundo” is like Luisito Comunica pero de Argentina. I think Máiko is another one and there a woman named Christina who i also watch. Found them all a couple weeks ago and it help immensely so far.

  15. This is a higher risk situation than the people in the video would care to admit. Dogs have been domesticated for centuries but still have cases of biting owners or other people, they are never perfectly behaved animals. Wally is great and manageable right now, but as an adult, one accidental attack would significantly increase chances that someone would die. A dog bite can leave a permanent scar but an alligator can permanently take limbs.

  16. He is an adult already from what I’ve read. He’s about 7 years old and has always been this way. Don’t know how the owner managed it but he’s probably one of “the” first documented domesticated aligátores. You can honestly domesticate any animal, it’s just a VERY VERY extremely slim chance to do with “wild animals” compared to animals we’ve already spent thousands of years breeding and them mutating into it

  17. Don’t forget about AP miss fortune. Who can go in any position. E once and you can melt half a tanks health and 3/4 a squishy!

  18. Actually yes lol we ended up actually hanging for the whole day, had sex, and then he asked me to hang again the following day and i gladly accepted. We dated for 8 months & broke up because I moved. We’re still good friends to this day

  19. Farm until you have Beserk grieves. You always wanna rush Cull and beserk grieves boots first. You will barely do damage so you need to farm which is why you have your passive right click in case you miss a q. The attack speed boost from the boots will give you that + movement speed. Use your right click to execute minions (FUN FACT: You can use your Q and right click at the same time!!! Shoot your Q and keep clicking on the minion you want to execute when it’s low enough and Zeri will automatically kill it, even if you’re mid Q animation!!! This ALSO works for champions to execute them!! Don’t forget that!!!) . Do not engage the enemy unless they’re extremely low health or you have an incoming jungle gank. Literally just play passive until you have your 2nd or 3rd item.


  21. I'm intrigued by this eclipse stance, this is the first hearing it

  22. The armor penetration helps a ton and you also can do max HP damage. Mixing that with your ult stacks, your passive click, your E and BORK passive you will shred tanks and most other ADCS (as long as you don’t get hit or caught)

  23. I feel ya OP, too many low energy indie singers meekly singing into their mics seemed to come alone in the early 2010's and made much of the music scene sleepy. IDC if the lyrics are sad, just play that shit to be danceable and sing like you aren't concerned about the neighbors hearing.

  24. This. Pumped up kicks is a extremely sad song but the beat makes it fun and exciting. A happy sad song is way better than a sad sad song

  25. She did at least have one, but, again, you made this opinion.

  26. Well, I posted this is unpopular opinions for a reason, & I never said I had anything against her. Also if you think all the music Lana makes/made is all sad and depressing, I highly advise you explore more of her music because that isn’t the case whatsoever.

  27. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting some sort of connection with someone before having relations with them. I mean, don’t be surprised it takes a little longer for you to get laid.

  28. I actually met quite a few guys for dates and friendships on Grindr. Even an ex and we’re friends to this day too, actually just hung out last night!!! lol… sad thing is I’ve had better luck meeting guys on Grindr then on tinder.

  29. As a black gay man, it's always so cringe to see POC who seem to place white gays as the pinnacle of sexual desire.

  30. Mixed guy here (Black/Native), & I do agree a lot of people miss the beauty of POC by putting white guys on the top of their food chain, especially knowing a lot of white guys wouldn’t even give them a shot (in the Americas, at least. My experience with European guys of ALL shades has been awesome & they’ve been VERY very sweet to me. Boyfriend is from France & my ex was from Germany)

  31. They honestly should just increase her AD damage, remove the W crit (or just make it like 20% bonus ap damage) and work the Stattik Shiv effect into her passive/her E’s passive into her passive at full charge + on hit AP similar to Yone’s second sword. Once she uses her passive it’ll remove the AP and shiv affect until she gains it back up again.

  32. It used to double proc😫 they removed it like the first couple of patches in her beautiful Zeri nerf patch bible

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