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  1. An honest question. Does anyone know if seasonal illnesses like the flu is less common and affect less people in countries where wearing a mask is norm, like Japan?

  2. As long as the butter keeps melting on hot toast, you can continue to add more butter.

  3. I'd say two hours of carving/tooling and then at least 3 hours of dyeing and painting. Hope that helps :)

  4. I pay €40 a month for powerlifting coaching. The 1:1 stuff is videos I send once a week to check technique. And also changes to program if I have input.

  5. Nice. What prong spacing and thread thickness do you use, if I might ask?

  6. Hi I use french pricking irons by Kevin Lee (the very basic one) with 3.85 spacing and vinymo thread #5 (.6mm thick) 😉

  7. My straps are different. Has a small loop at one end. You put the other end through the small loop, forming a larger loop for your hand to go through. The excess strap fits across the palm, sticking out between your thumb and index finger; and that excess wraps around the bar as you've shown here.

  8. Those straps are not a good choice for weightlifting because they are less safe at releasing from the bar overhead in a missed lift. Whenever you see a weightlifter getting whipped over backwards from their straps not releasing, chances are they are using the figure-6 style straps you describe. And when they tighten, they cinch up higher around the wrist, instead of settling down on the hand below the wrist, which is much more comfortable and perhaps safer for overhead.

  9. I've never used the 6's for weightlifting though. Only pulls. I've had the Ironmind short and sweet as my go to straps for the last few years. But I've never liked the sewn ends ones.

  10. A bit off topic, but be careful with letting your hair cover the bar. If you have to bail by throwing the bar behind you, your hair can get caught up. And you don't want that.

  11. To everyone being salty about an 11 year old outlifting you. I give you a video of a 7 year old outsnatching you also.

  12. I have used the same setup for the last 3 years. 6 ohm Denon AVR with 4 ohm kef 102.2 speakers.

  13. Can't find that info right now. I remember I read on that it would be fine.

  14. Totally onboard with this take. Actually said more or less the same thing to a friend recently.

  15. "I don't have any issue with introducing non-white characters to a fantasy world".

  16. The casting is completely colorblind. It is like a Shakespeare production that implicitly asks us to not take into account the race/ethnicity of actors when thinking about their characters and culture and relationships.

  17. A big portion of the plot centers around that there are bastard kids. And the only thing they have to go on is how they look. The fact that so much of the plot evolves around that in a world where DNA testing is not a thing makes for different casting choices and also how they treat race/skin color. There is a conscious decision to give the families certain obvious characteristics.

  18. It doesn't really take much for your knees to bruise if you make contact with the bar. It happens to me from time to time and usually on the the way down.

  19. I would start with pointing toes out a bit more (maybe having a slightly wider stance).

  20. It seems interesting so far, and I'll be sticking with it.

  21. For me it's Jack Reynor as Burton. He looks too much like a nice little kid (he's got that puppy face). He does a terrible impression of a supposedly "hard" marine.

  22. This clearly demonstrate that these guys are as bad if not worse than the many companies that daily pollute our oceans and forests. That glue tube is probably on the same level as the BP oil spill back in 2010.

  23. I'd also be that chirpy if I carried around a half gallon coffee thermos.

  24. The Alien listing is a bit… confused. Looks like he’s mixing up Alien and Aliens.

  25. Yea definitely. Describing both films as one. Maybe in another time space reality both can coexist on the screen at the same time.

  26. What even is a right wing superhero movie? “Don’t worry officers I’ll stop those villains who are filming your excessive use of force!”

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