Zelenskyy calls for 'strong reaction' from the UN after Russian bombs left millions of Ukrainians without heat and water in below-freezing temperatures: 'We expect the reaction of friends — not just observers'

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  1. Why would you need to switch out your CPU and mobo to upgrade a card?

  2. Don’t some mobo’s come specifically made for either Nvidia or AMD? I’m wrong about switching the CPU but like I bought one and the mobo to be compatible with eachother at least. Maybe I am an idiot :) I bought a custom built pc in 2016, and only now am I considering to build from scratch so my knowledge is probably not there yet.

  3. Nope. You can safely switch to any GPU from AMD, Nvidia, or Intel. You just need a sufficient power supply to support whatever you are switching to.

  4. Thank you and apologies for my ignorance!

  5. I have to disagree, it got really annoying and difficult to watch midway through but I loved it initially.

  6. You can throw it away properly, but then you have no control over where it goes. My neighbors dogs regularly get into my trash. I can't do anything about them, and yes I've tried many things to keep them out. Or what if you buy food for a friend, it gets registered to you, and they litter? Or the bag breaks while being tossed into the trash truck, and blows away. Now you've got the fine.

  7. Not just dogs but doesn’t the US have problems with like bears and other animals that love a good salvage? After that all you need is a gust of wind and suddenly you’re getting fined or name & shamed.

  8. Ppl see your number plate all the rime how is this a privacy problem

  9. Because you get name & shamed according to the article. And it’s more of a problem if they did that to you and it wasn’t even your fault. It’s a bit of an odd way of dealing with littering.

  10. Wtf.. DW9 was a disaster, SW5 was mediocre, and now they’re naming a new title Metaverse. This company is falling apart and I’m losing interest fast.

  11. What if it flowed… sideways?

  12. The only way I see this possible is if you turn time into time-space

  13. Dude I’ve had 2 hours sleep, I can’t think about this right now :D

  14. Can confirm. Worked in club lighting for 8 years. Tinnitus is annoying af. Can't look at flashing lights much now either. Feels like my retinas are burning.

  15. Yeah I just got a job as a glassy at a nightclub, quit after 3 shifts, didn’t want tinnitus.

  16. Yep I managed 560 hours all by myself. I suck at making friends in online games.

  17. Use natural settings on your OLED (copy Filmmaker Values for example if you have no idea about a natural image) and not too bright oberblown Values. It will help overall. Because the combo of a dynamic bright image with static elements can create temporary image renention again and again which ends up in not fixable. But imo you should vary content before u do a pixel refresh (only once a year if really neded).

  18. Only once a year? The LG CX does pixel refresh by itself after a lengthy gaming session (well it is supposed to). And I sometime use that feature after a long session anyways, probably 30-40 times a year 😂

  19. It is the big pixel refresher... (manually refresher) which reduces the life of your OLED (because it will adjust the pixels more than a regular refresh). That´s why you should not do that. You wear out your TV for nothing. It is only if you see a temp image retention that goes not away for some days for example.

  20. Thanks for that, will remember that for the duration of my CX’s life haha.

  21. Compare that act of “generosity” to the 6000 enslaved people whose lives were taken away to build those stadiums.

  22. Oh I didn’t realise they had princes that were morally upstanding.

  23. OLED won’t burn in unless you leave the screen unattended for days on end.

  24. Wrong. There are games like FIFA where it’s been confirmed recently that certain UI elements have burnt in brand new OLED screens after just a few hours.

  25. I think once we have the update in our hands and are looking at it on our own hardware, it'll be fine. Frankly the game looked great on a original xbox one, so anything for me is an upgrade, especially now that i have a series x. I'm optimistic, and i know people say that most of this update is mods, but Im glad they decided to do this, and who knows, maybe we will get more in the future.

  26. Ray Tracing, DLSS 3, SSR. Upscaled asset resolution, textures and meshes, one of the most popular texture mods from Nexus been implemented even for consoles… the new modern camera setting, photo mode…

  27. Honestly, I’m a fairly calm and reasonable person, but if someone hurt my mother, my inner Kratos would erupt just like this guy. Never fuck with a man’s family, especially their mum.

  28. Metal musicians are generally the nicest people.

  29. They are actually, use to be in the metal scene and was always surprised how calm, open minded and decent these folks are. Some of the nicest friends I had were all heavy metal kids. I miss those days.

  30. Your story is similar to mine! 31, 7 years military, BF cheated on me whilst I was serving, and like you, I’ve never been the same again. But I try my best to not be bitter about that. Also, I’m gay so slight difference there I guess but we all deal with people and their bullshit one way or another.

  31. They’re both South African who moved / emigrated to Australia who weren’t covered under Medicare or private health. Australia doesn’t just dish those services out to anyone and everyone that isn’t a citizen yet. And his fiancé that was homebound undergoing treatment. What about the expenses one salary has to cover for her, him and the 4 kids, the house, the bills, the cars, fuel, food etc etc etc.

  32. When the threats get louder and louder, you know they are getting more and more desperate. They’re practically begging.

  33. Ughhhh is the grind really worth it though? I’m so tired of grinding in games to get a cool outfit so other people will think I’m cool. It’s tiresome. (Although I admit I prefer that to content locked behind micro-transactions).

  34. Don’t mess with the Australians. Big mistake

  35. Yep, it’s no sweat off our backs, we pretty much don’t have any sweat left once summer is done with us.

  36. Today was a weird day. No electricity as I woke up and went to work, no electricity as I came back from work.

  37. It's insane how much modern life depends on electricity and how weird you feel when you don't have access to it.

  38. As someone that was born and raised on a farm in rural Southern Africa, life is actually quite calm and pleasant without electricity, gas, internet and running water.

  39. I’m truly sorry for your situation and hope it improves one way or another, and that Russia and its culture is wiped off the face of the earth.

  40. Yeah I’ve realised this too. 31 here, gaming since Ps2 and GBA days. Used to be that simply button mashing was enough for me, like Dynasty Warriors. But lately, and since open world games are getting bigger and bigger, and whilst playing horizonFW, the thought has occurred to me that exploration and combat gameplay gets a bit dull and so I go look for side quests to do inbetween.

  41. And Australian’s. Well I saw your comments below but it doesn’t change that the game really is AU$90 here. But I live in Perth so just about anything is extra expensive here due it being the most isolated city in the world.

  42. Just because its popular doesnt mean its right, or makes sense. The issue isnt the drink, its the fact that they are driving drunk, hence drunk driving. It also just doesnt flow right because drink is not a descriptive word. It sounds more like an unfinished list.

  43. Like somebody else put it, you don’t need to be drunk to be over the limit. In Australia your BAC can be 0.1 - 0.4. So 4 standard drinks do nothing to me, for example, but 0.5 is where it becomes illegal to drive regardless of whether you’re drunk or not.

  44. An open world with none of the traditional open world features that makes it open world. You’d think GameFreak would learn a thing or two from renowned games from/like Elder Scrolls, Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, GTA, HorizonZD/FW etc. To GF, an open world is just a large sandbox with fuck all in it. I want:

  45. Far Cry 2 is the only game I’ve enjoyed in the series, and Far Cry: Primal. 3 was good so I hear, but I didn’t like the setting. 4-6 are just boring and tedious and offer nothing new or exciting to gaming.

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