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  1. I’m just gonna let the woman king comment on this:

  2. Hilarious and educational! Please keep them going as inspiration strikes 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. I mean, I would, but my husband is a way better cook. I ate a deeeeelicious sandwich while catching up on today’s dose of misogyny from our favourite fundies. 10/10, would recommend.

  4. I’d rather work a 9-5 job than be a rich jobless grifter.

  5. Yeah, I gotta say, I worked in some fairly toxic environments, but Bethy does a great job of putting it into perspective - when faced with shitty options, the one that lets you keep your dignity is always better.

  6. Oh is she taking a break from being a bidnesswoman posting reels while her husband works on her “business”? We’re back to marriage advice? How nice.

  7. Bold statement from a woman who has no skills and spends all her time posting shitty reels.

  8. When a woman who freely admits to living in a pigsty, in spite of having access to free housekeeping, talks about living “to a higher standard”…

  9. What an oblivious, out of touch imbecile. The problematic spending of Bethy’s followers are the idiotic grift-a-thons she organizes, not iPhones.

  10. Yes but won’t anyone think of the car part manufacturers and mechanics who make a living undoing the pothole damage? /s

  11. I grew up around a lot of marriages that look a lot like H and A - less transactional (very financially poor), but the man is there to provide the sperm, the woman is there to provide the incubator, and the expectation is that they do things together. Completely boggles the mind why anyone would sign up for it - how is being single not infinitely better?

  12. We shouldn’t be too offended, she also refuses to use spell check.

  13. TY for putting my immediate rage into perspective. She is loud, not relevant.

  14. Ahh thank you! I wasn’t sure and let myself be a little excited, but I kinda figured this wasn’t relevant/high profile enough to have anyone uploading docs real-time.

  15. Girl, your lack of cooking skills didn't come from your career. It came from your lack of giving a shit. If she spent half the time she spends posting on IG watching the food network or YouTube, she wouldn't have this problem

  16. “I was busy with other shit” was an excuse pre-internet. No time, no spare $$ to experiment with recipes, recipe book inaccessibility, etc. makes sense to me. It seems plausible that people won’t have a natural inkling for making food that’s rewarding enough, you want to have it again.

  17. I hope this gets picked up by all sorts of gossip sites so everyone knows she’s not just an innocuous liar, she is actually harmful. Who does this??? Like if she has to scratch her attention itch, she could have said “I do this after my doctor clears me for it, please don’t do this a week after birthing a child until you discuss with own doctor”.

  18. Oh wow. I’m a smidge high and I seriously just started humming Jesus loves me, this I know. I had a procedure today that didn’t go as planned and am looking at a day in bed tomorrow, desperate for distractions. How timely! Do we get to see the outcome soon after the proceeding?

  19. Aww thank you ❤️ it’s super minor and I’m totally okay, just can’t do fuck all for a bit except snark and binge watch TV. Hoping for lively updates from BDong, maybe a trial outfit inspo? 😂

  20. Texan here. A few months ago a few bodies were in an industrial area found not far from my house in a dumpster dismembered & burnt.

  21. There is a lot of somethings in Tx water, Pepsi is almost certainly a safer bet ☠️

  22. Judging by this, you must have some excellent Thanksgiving stories

  23. She doesn't these days, I'm pretty sure she has a highlight all about how sinful it is.

  24. Can you imagine how long it would go towards reining in her conniptions every time a non-fundie woman walks by her husband…

  25. Yeah, because the last time everyone agreed to let banks give all sorts of mortgages to folks with unreliable and overstretched incomes to prop up the real estate bubble, it worked out great for everyone.

  26. God’s like: Hang on I’m working on it, could I interest you in an arsenic windstorm in the meantime?

  27. I'm really enjoying your videos and would absolutely love to see more. Gave me a good laugh (and my gosh she's so bad at it). I only have IG or TT for sharing my pups and didn't realize just how abysmally she does with these trends 😅

  28. Same! I find it super hard to keep up with trends like these (reels just aren’t my format) so when Bethy does it, I rarely have a reference to what it’s supposed to look like and often don’t understand wtf is happening or supposed to be happening. Like if you never saw the glow up thing, try explaining Bethy’s…whatever those weird 2 second outfit changes were?? This was super informative and I’d only be grateful for more translations of Bethy’s behaviour into human behaviour.

  29. Darn it, C must’ve forgotten to take out the trash again!

  30. First and last honestly both hold. If we go by the Bible, the OG Jesus was big on love, kindness, etc. Hating thy neighbour is certainly frowned upon.

  31. Can anyone fill me in on the point of this post? I’m legit confused.

  32. Oh my, sorry, I should clarify - I mean what is the point of BDong’s post? Does she think her followers didn’t see her bouquet in some of the previous 7,000 posts of the same 10 pics from the wedding? Is it relevant to bathtub baptisms? Is she going to claim she had to use the court docs she needs to submit as raw material for a floral papier-mâché? Is it the aesthetic inspo for the foster kid’s room? Am I an idiot for not even being able to figure out which of the scams this relates to? 🤷🏻‍♀️

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