1. Is it someone from Cats Don’t Dance? (per my sister who usually crushes recognizing anything Disney, but she’s not sure on this one)

  2. This was my first thought. If there were human counterparts, this may have been Watson?

  3. My sister who always nails Disney trivia texted me with this in less than 30 seconds, so I’m inclined to believe this is it.

  4. I appreciate that she acknowledges her post was insensitive and that she has grown from that. It’s all we can ask, right?

  5. As far as we had seen, she did delete it possibly shortly after posting. In the screenshot circulated, it showed that whoever took the screenshot took it 30 some odds minutes after she posted the status (it said “posted x minutes ago”). So they’ve had this screenshot since 2016.

  6. TIL after seeing this convo and getting curious and looking it up that there are actually two definitions of “curdle” lol. One related to the state of separating and getting lumpy (clotting), the other related to spoiling and going sour.


  8. Oh no, stressful! Does your local NPC organizer have like a facebook group or something? Maybe you can find someone nearby who has a suit they are selling or maybe willing to rent to you.

  9. Honestly I love this more than the couple shoots they normally do! At the end of the day Rachel and Gabby had each others backs, and I don’t think either one of them could have gotten through what happened post-show the way they did if they didn’t have each other.

  10. Agreed! Honestly can’t remember actually looking at any couple shoots — these I scrolled through and fully enjoyed haha

  11. Look, do what you want, but does anyone with an actually big booty do this 😭

  12. perhaps because we don’t “need to” do the wedgie look to have our butt accentuated. after seeing it a bunch on here i pulled my shorts up like this and it was too blasphemous to go out like that for me 😂 also i have a big butt and i get sweat under my buttcheeks while working out. i don’t need that accentuated

  13. I literally just laughed out loud about “too blasphemous to go out” 🤣

  14. Wellness has gotten huge, yes. If Francielle is the standard, who is actually quite petite, I have wondered why so many girls are juicing up so hard and getting so jacked.

  15. Ooh this is a great point. I do think they have massive legs, but how massive? How much truth are we seeing from the Wellness competitors from day to day photos, gym selfies, etc

  16. I get it but it’s already been discussed here. I don’t see anything new being added to the conversation. So that’s why I asked.

  17. It hasn’t been discussed here btw. That was an

  18. I don’t know anything about her but let’s say she’s 5’5” and 26 years old. The calories she needs at REST is 1,348 a day (BMR). That’s at rest, no movement. Add regular movement throughout the day if she has a pretty average activity level and she needs like 1,800 calories regularly.

  19. "people think they're in love when really it's lust" Um, isn't that a huge percentage of young horny Christian kids who marry their boy/girl friend when they're 19 cuz they wanna fuck so badly? I say this as an exmormon who has watched this happen my entire life lol

  20. Agreed and confirmed as an ex fundie-Christian 🤝

  21. This has been extensively discussed here:

  22. I think a master thread would be great on coaches. That question gets asked a lot here so it would be good if it was in one place. Thank you for your efforts in making this sub even better. I’m noticing the stuff you’re doing!

  23. I think something like this would be helpful, although I'm not familiar with how it would be organized exactly.

  24. We do have flairs (tags) for posts that are pretty close to this!

  25. Thanks for sharing this! Super interesting. I’ve never successfully “reversed” but I’ve never had the alleged insane over-gain that is always warned about. I honestly thought I was ducking up so bad, but my body basically knew where I needed to be and put me back at maintenance.

  26. Okay but this was like such a well done tiktok! I admire the dedication.

  27. OK I think this is probably an oversight. Maureen was the winner of this show last year; Janet is the show promoter. Janet won the O in 2020.

  28. Lol that was some excellent deduction, this makes so much sense.

  29. Omg this is the top tier content I needed 😂 Thank you for your time and efforts on this 🙏🏻

  30. Thank you for pulling these!! 🙏🏻

  31. When my Dad died one of my cousins posted on Facebook asking for prayers for her family. They had no relationship. I didn’t really have any respect for Jessica any way but what a garbage thing to post.

  32. Ah shit I’m sorry, what a shit thing for your cousin to do :( And I’m sorry for your loss ❤️

  33. I’m screeeeaming, you look incredible! Congrats! We’ll be excited to see what’s next for you 😊

  34. At least go insiiiiiiide if you’re going to do this!! Samples in the drive through 💀

  35. This should go in the weekly “Built or Bought” thread which covers “natty or not.”

  36. Idk who she is but I’m SCREAMING that she chose to use a filter, and such an egregious one, to promote products for having smooth skin 😭

  37. First of all how was 2017 five years ago 😭 lol the fact that it’s the halfway point from 2012 just doesn’t compute 😂

  38. When I saw Marisela’s pics going around I was like, wait, what pro show was this weekend, and who is she? She looks sooo good! Well deserved. I wonder when she’ll make her debut.

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