1. They probably clean it often. Singapore is clean af.

  2. Why do you doubt this? The Quran explicitly states the legitimacy of marrying pre-pubescent girls:

  3. As I said, I'm not Muslim. I never bothered to read the book or learn about the religion. I just thought no religion would be disgusting enough to support this.

  4. Would it be fair to say then that you underestimated just how fucked up Islam is?

  5. Many thanks. Incredible what they were able to pull off here! We're getting into golden era of detailed 1:64s, I think ignition, PGM, LCD and a few Time Micros are cream of the crop models! I agree, the figures are well done and accurate, couldn't be more happy with them!

  6. I think Inno 64 is actually quite comparable to these high end brands for half the price

  7. That's some incredible detail in a 64 scale model! I'm amazed the wheel design on the Sierra looks completely accurate. Stunning...

  8. Yeah they do not disappoint. I have their MGP Toyota Celica #20 and the details are crazy. They even put a tiny photo-etched windshield wiper instead of just putting it in the mold! For sub $20 it's really good.

  9. I think the other ones also come with acrylic cases. At least the ones I buy have them

  10. Oh. Makes a lot more sense now. Also how did the father know the daughter was drowning? Like I'm not super sure that people yell in a seizure, but I'm not a doctor so..

  11. In the oop’s post before it was removed, he said that he’d heard a bang from the bathroom. When he knocked on the door a couple of times and got no answer, he let himself in to see that the bang was a shampoo bottle that fell off a shelf, and also saw his daughter slipping under the water in a seizure. This is to say that he only let himself in to check on her because he clarified that he was aware she was epileptic

  12. Shitlist? Sounds pretty close minded to me.

  13. Yup. Before the British colonisation, India's GDP was 25% of the world.

  14. Well, even after the British left, the population was plentiful. It's just that they left India in a horrible situation, dividing it into 2 countries that basically created civil war, and almost robbing everything valuable. Where do you think the Kohinoor diamond came from?

  15. Dang yeah that is kinda rare and expensive. The 1/43 version kinda common tho

  16. Tbh I think you should make a custom wing. Would be dope and possibly increase model's value

  17. when you think about it, 3 cars per annum isnt that bad. but they do build up. hope you have lifters under the car to avoid rubber flat spots and cracking

  18. Just a question -how often do you need to readjust the tires so they don't have flat spots?

  19. Or you can always buy from someone in the states. Like me! 😬

  20. Plus shipping cost.from states to hk is just too high

  21. It's an absolute piece of shit. It's not even a Jeep. My nephew's Power Wheels Jeep is better than this.

  22. Not only are you wrong (this is sick af) but you are also racist.

  23. Yeah, and they changed their font. Looks worse tbh.

  24. Well you could search up a few of the models on eBay. If those are valuable, that should give you an idea of the entire collection.

  25. "only JDM" That Camaro and merci sneaking in...

  26. Because if you look through OPs account, it’s an Indian propaganda account trying to spread the message “Muslims are bad that’s why Hindus in India are good”

  27. What how? There seems to not much mention of Muslims.

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