1. Oh God that earth core theory news?

  2. Regardless of the specifics: if there was no demand, there would be no supply.

  3. Yeah, unfortunately, for the most part teenagers aren't very original and I assume it's teenagers that make these dumb polls.

  4. Undaunted Courage - about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Really made me imagine what the trip must have been like, exploring a humongous uncharted wilderness.

  5. Great they know how many people will be having children in 20 years?

  6. The concept of “race suicide” will probably get reallly popular among some people again. :-(

  7. that's equivalent to me saving under 10 dollars. It's more work to figure out how to reduce it than I would get from actually reducing it.

  8. Why are people surprised that the rich love to pinch pennies? You get rich by caring a LOT about money. I’ve listened to some very rich people wax on about how much they saved shopping at Target.

  9. Interesting place to quote from. Don would’ve been an Ayn Rand fan, wouldn’t he?

  10. All it's missing is beer and Jesus and you've got a country song.

  11. Muh woman ran away with muh best friend and muh dog done shot me in the behind… 🎶

  12. If you have classified documents at your house, is it actually better to be “unaware”?

  13. They’re going to coat the roads with them after it snows, to increase the fun factor.

  14. You can be nostalgic for the menu and the service but you wouldn’t be nostalgic about the price.

  15. Y’all just afraid to get your hands dirty. Pick up a pitchfork you damn fools and dig into that haystack.

  16. Finally someone will deal with refactoring

  17. Vlad: A “human wave” needs a few more people in order to be effective.

  18. ProTip: The name “Skyhook” is the kiss of death for an aviation project.

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