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  1. I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I'm sure you know what you have to do (if not, that's on you). There are plenty of guys out there who will give you what you are asking for, which, honestly, isn't much to begin with. He does not love you. He wants to smooth things over to keep you pliable. Utilize the DV resources, if any, in your country that are available. They can and will help.

  2. Find an SD on one of the matching sites. A high percentage of SDs want companionship and an ego boost without sex.

  3. A statement made without the benefit of a shred of evidence in support of it ⬆️

  4. That's an opinion, not a statement, hence the words "I think."

  5. Please, leave. If he wants to save his marriage and get better, he can do so on his own and try to make amends after he's been clean and sober for a time (accepting or not is up to you). Sober him may be ashamed and appalled at his behavior, but obviously not enough to correct the behavior. Be safe.

  6. You look absolutely stunning. That dress! The flowers really go with the brick.

  7. Good on ya! My hubby neglected to tell our doctor he was a recovering addict and subsequently our doctor prescribed him oxycodone for something and I saw it when refilling our medications through the Kroger app (he claims he never had it filled). At our next appointment, the first thing I did was tell the doctor. We have our appointments at the same time with both of us in the room, so no medical secrets.

  8. Right now, you wouldn't make much driving truck (US, 48 OTR) because of diesel prices unless you were part of a team (running the truck 24 hours a day and living in the truck and sleeper with your teammate). However, CR England has great free CDL training in Salt Lake, and it is gorgeous there. They will hire you after successfully obtaining your CDL and completing training. I don't know if they still have it, but they used to do lease to own, where you picked a truck, drove for them, made the truck and insurance payments (about $6,000) to them and when you got the truck paid off, it was yours to keep as an IC. Plus, you get to see the country!

  9. Considering designer fashion brands are one of the worst sweatshop offenders and burn their unsold inventory at the end of each season so "lesser" people won't sully their brand and reputation by daring to wear their items, they are, indeed, scamming everyone ignorant enough to buy their products. I wouldn't buy or promote any of those companies.

  10. Nah, she Pretty Woman'd you. If you're happy, that is all that matters. Keep your how-we-met story closer to your vest, though. If friends won't leave you alone, drop them.

  11. Leave her. She either have a lot of red flags or just immature. She should also try being "grounded" or humble? Not sure how to say that in english. She also is a potential or already a narcissist.

  12. She'll probably realize she hates it will not be able to figure out what to do with her life and likely in a fit of desperation to try and escape from the hole she dug for herself by being a disrespectful Moron will use drugs and od or something

  13. Being an intern will knock her down a few real quick.

  14. Yeah, I bought the 13 just for the "upgrades" to the camera. I wasn't impressed. They look like IG "models" who filter the crap out of their selfies and use so much smooth that their noses disappear (who thinks that looks normal, anyway?).

  15. I honestly think both of you most likely have issues.

  16. Of course, they have issues; they're human and it's a marriage. She already mentioned there's nothing there anymore, and she hardly place all the blame on him for that. Do you want her to cry and beg and make empty promises, too?

  17. Unfortunately, i don't think legally anything can be done Abt him moving out, but you should ask your lawyer.

  18. Meanwhile, in the US: "Math is racist. 2+2 should equal 5." "Tests are racist and should be done away with."

  19. Looks incredible. Wish my PC was good enough to run it on the top graphics

  20. You can watch a tour of it on YT. It's 2 hours long and only 60% of the ship toured!

  21. I love scanning QR codes. I have an irrational amount of fun doing it.

  22. I'd go to the police and put your sister in her place. She should not be giving anything of yours away, broken or not. The police will likely get the laptop back and warn your sister if you decline to press charges after getting your property. I'm very angry at your sister and don't even know her!

  23. Poor little guy, just sitting there in the sun!

  24. She used to be Angelina Jolie Voight and dropped her last name when they started having problems. Jolie is her middle name.

  25. Initially, Jon cheated on her mom and her mom had primary custody of her and James. Then, I think around the time she was with Billy Bob, Jon went around to various media discussing her mental health and saying how he wants her to get the help she needs and everything, which was really rude and a violation of privacy. They have made up since.

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