1. I got into it with some people on the INFJ sub when I brought up the fact that the Meyers Briggs is about as credible as horoscopes

  2. Is this a joke? The whole lion, crown, rose or compass thing isn’t funny the millionth time around

  3. I like it. But I wouldn’t say it’s good. It’s kinda charming but not one I’d be showing off if that makes sense. Definitely wouldn’t go that artist again, or whoever did it

  4. I don't consider people with food allergies or medical issues picky' eaters. They can't help it..Picky eaters make a choice to be the center of attention.

  5. That’s a BS take. Not every picky eater is rude and demanding.

  6. I know the coon is the asshole here but seeing him grabbing at her hands to let go of him made the slightest bit sad. Poor guy is sick.

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  8. I didn’t know there was an anti this bot! Thank you for your service lol

  9. Crap, you're right. When I commented that I had watched this vid at a lower volume, where it sounds like it says Gawd. Hearing it at a louder volume, you're absolutely right

  10. I mean I already donate a few thousand pounds of food a month to anyone that’s hungry and food insecure. If I dumpster dive a home, I will definitely get it a homeless person.

  11. I drive under that bridge every day. Once the truck (and parts that flew off) was removed, it was back to business as usual. The city engineers inspected it and said “eh…’s probably good enough?” And traffic resumed a few hours later. That bridge belongs to the railroad company, so you know there’s no danger at all with the 800 ton trains that use that bridge 4 times a day.

  12. If this is what getting jiggy with it looks like count me out. Na na na na na na

  13. Hotbox means to smoke a cigarette vigorously and rapidly. Can also mean to smoke weed in a confined area. But she's obviously puffing away on something.

  14. That’s like how convicted criminals will convert to Christianity while on death row. That doesn’t absolve you of manslaughter. Or maybe it does, I’ve never met Jesus

  15. All of those die would have 6 sides dumbass. Go be a noob somewhere else

  16. Lol. So where would the 7 go on a six sided die?

  17. Because they wanted the three 7s as a nod to the slot machines? That doesn’t mean the die have 7 sides. It’s a design choice not to be taken so literally.

  18. Would’ve loved to pull this when I was a waitress. All those kids running around unattended? Boom

  19. Why can no one ever open champagne without hurting and/or soaking themselves and others?

  20. Oh this one hurt. My dad also died of an OD. My stepdad adopted me and he bounced. I’m incredibly thankful for my mom

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