1. I don't know what fucked up Guillermo del Toro movie that was dreamt up in, but uh... that thing is absolutely hideous.

  2. There are 120 guns for eve to 100 Americans? Guess I need to buy more

  3. I have had both tires, currently the K02s. The K02s are better off-road by far but they make more noise on-road and worse full economy. Given that in go off-road quite a bit I’ll be sticking with the K02s

  4. Those bring back memories of when I was a Boy Scout and we had wood blades to practice with

  5. I had to check what sub I was in… thought it was what could go wrong at first and was waiting for the chomp

  6. Wish the pilot was giving lessons to the one that flew me last week. Hit the ground so hard I nearly bounced out of the seat

  7. Vermin Supreme is playing a parody of the idiots that the two main parties put up

  8. I swear Reddit is nothing more than 10% free thinkers and 90% boot licking, statist, bots.

  9. The police are not your friends. If you ever find yourself sat across from them in interviews give them your name, address, and date of birth and then shut the fuck up and exercise you're rights regarding silence...

  10. I wouldn't want to sleep next to the politician either.. they fuck you enough when you are not sharing a bed

  11. Grab a nice knife and look for actual copper scales for it. But the knife and possibly the scales at

  12. I am not a fan of the shipwrecked patina personally. I just want them to age naturally as i use the blade.

  13. Understandable. I’ve actually trying to manually patina my Ridge Wallet scales.

  14. my grandfather always said if you have nothing good to say about something just keep quiet.. I will refrain on making any statement about Firestone

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