1. Same!! I was really on the fence about it so I didn’t put it as deep as what “felt right” and now I’m tempted to bury mine deeper

  2. They’re really not too bad. Mine has been happy in a seedling/hort sand/perlite mix, and i drench it till water runs through the bottom once a fortnight or so, whenever the soil is dry to my second knuckle. It gets bright indirect eastern light all day (ish). Either shake the stem gently for ten mins a week or pick the whole pot up and rock-and-walk it around the house like it’s a fussy baby. (Strengthens the trunk/stem). I bought one that looked like the second picture and brought it back to the first doing this

  3. 10 minutes of shaking the stem!? Gosh my forearms are sore just thinking about it

  4. i moved from 110+ degree sunny-all-the-time part of california to portland oregon so i kinda feel the mood of this fiddle leaf tbh

  5. I would have traded you I hate it here too 😂 I also moved here from the desert, but where I came from we got snow in winter haha.

  6. “Hello Police? Eric Lewis is trying to T me up.”

  7. That link doesn't support you – it says they do it for grip strength. It does not say it makes the hands swell at all.

  8. Apparently you’re having a really hard time connecting the dots here…

  9. No, I'm connecting the dots – you either misremembered or believed a bogus theory and are unwilling to accept that. Your own link talks about increasing muscle mass in the forearms, not in the hands. It says nothing about this increasing the size of the hands.

  10. Increasing strength in any muscle will increase the size. Source: I work manual labor

  11. OP is probably cheating on his wife with his friend. He just made up this story to cover his tracks.

  12. Ya but then he would’ve turned the spare room in to an art room and were not there yet apparently

  13. Yeah man HBO should cast him in another IP. Something already established. He’s great at elevating existing works with his acting capability. Be real nuts if he co-starred with another GoT actor. They’d definitely have to make sure it’s no one he’s interacted with before in goT. Don’t wanna put the parallel In peoples heads. Maybe someone obscure but well known, like Lyanna Mormont. I think those 2 could play well off each other. It’s a shame HBO will never see the potential.

  14. You had me for the first half…. I was like nobody’s told this poor person 🥺

  15. I know exactly which building this is.. if your dog comes up missing idk what happened

  16. Cradle 2 the Grave…. When I was a kid I loved that fuckin movie so I tried to watch it as an adult and I was like wow this is so corny, but had to keep watching because I mean Gabrielle Union like duh

  17. When I’m stressed out mine are non existent. It’s not usually until I’m transitioning from high stress, to extremely low stress and comfortable that I will switch. If that makes sense. My alter is a horrible horrible person though so I try to keep myself stressed as much as possible. I’m mostly just a workaholic nothing too insane. So I can relate to how you may not be switching because you’re trying to deal with this front and center.

  18. I’m late to the party, but sliding doors (which I’m sure is what was here before) are annoying AF and I take them off.

  19. These look like how my avocado trees always turn out 😂😂 what is going on lmao

  20. Agreed. Overall, it seems like thirst for information and be provided it. There’s a group of people who need to discuss this case ad nauseum and can’t take a break. He feeds the obsession?

  21. Right!? What about the shit going on in South Dakota!! Plenty of content there!!

  22. Totally. So terrible. This is exactly why the lawyer should drop Kohberger as well. From what I have read, there are others that can represent him. She knows way too much about XK mom. She could put a defense together of someone sketchy in her life. What a mess this is.

  23. I didn’t even think about that! Especially considering a lot of people were guessing cartel hit in the beginning, people saying they need to look at the parents… would be easier for her with inside knowledge to create reasonable doubt

  24. Yeah not everyone’s dog is awful and messes things up lol some dogs wouldn’t even bother with it.

  25. Exactly, my dog has never gone anywhere near any of my plants she’s completely indifferent to them. This would totally work for her. To top it off she’s a prissy ass bitch who would feel honored to have an aesthetically pleasing bowl to drink from 😂😂

  26. I say mister. Same syllables so no weird pause and it makes me giggle because even though they could sort of be interchangeable meanings theoretically, in practice it’s kinda ridiculous sounding and I like it.

  27. I use brother!! My black friends are thoroughly entertained when I can rap a whole song full of that word and not miss a fuckin beat. I also live in a culture where a lot of us call each other brother/sister even though we actually aren’t, so there’s kind of a dual meaning there.

  28. So according to Christopher Loeb, who stole a bag out of Burke’s car.. there was a snuff movie (i can’t recall if there were other dvds) which he explains in some detail, sex toys, etc in it. They somehow caught him, to where Burke beat him up so badly, and threatened to kill him with a heroine overdoes, that Burke was sentenced to 46 months in prison.

  29. Okay so that’s really interesting to me, because I know one of the theories was that the girls found on gilgo beach were victims to a group of people (lisk) who were making snuff films with these girls. It just makes too much sense. Because we know Burke had something to do with it, why else cover for them. Hackett made those calls. Shannon’s 911 call “theyre going to kill me”.

  30. That’s interesting. I’d never heard that theory before. One of his fellow policeman is on record saying Burke asked him if he knew where to find a sniff film.. and went into detail of what he’d heard about them. That was before he was chief. If you can find it, watch the docuseries called Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer. It explains all of this and shows interviews with these people.

  31. I will look in to that!! I originally got in to the case after watching the people magazine investigates two part on LISK.

  32. You just described Katie Porter and I’m here for it

  33. Ya you should see mine. It’s completely fucked to the point I don’t even know how to save it

  34. One of my ex hubs fave movies, was Braveheart

  35. My exes favorite movie was brave heart also!! He’d make me watch it with him ALLLLLLL the time

  36. Okay so I’m looking for suggestions on the best led strips/lights for my indoor plants. I work nights and I literally can’t sleep if sun comes in. I have my bedroom windows boarded up, but I really, REALLY want some plants in here. They currently all live in my living room that has big windows lol. I don’t want something that is going to be an eyesore but I want happy plants. TIA.

  37. Gray. Please do gray. I moved in to my house with yellow walls and I HATE them. I could deal with a beige, gray or even better a Greige. All my decor is gothic and it’s hard to work with the yellow.


  39. in kyron horman's case, do you think his stepmom did it? i don't have a strong opinion on it because i haven't read about this case in years, so i was just curious. i saw someone on another thread a while ago say that they believe he wandered off and it was just an accident.

  40. I’m from the area, I remember when he went missing. I truly don’t feel that she did it

  41. i feel like some people are very quick to always accuse the step mom or step dad of murder just bc an abusive stepparent is very common. i was reading up on this case again last night and i personally don't think she did it. i don't think he was snatched or anything, i think he just got lost and maybe died of exposure in the woods or something.

  42. The weird thing is that they canvassed that area so many times idk how they could have missed him. I can’t think of any animals in that particular area that could have gotten him either.

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