In 1995 Jodi Huisentruit disappeared on her way to work. After discovering a scene in her apartment parking lot that insinuated a massive struggle, police knew something awful had happened. 27 years later, there still has still never been a suspect named in the case. What happened to Jodi?

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  1. Details: I’ve checked tension and cleaned out the lower bobbin case and area. The upper tension seems very tight even on 0. If I put it above 0 it breaks the thread. Bought used off marketplace, other than the tension issues it was working great

  2. I think it's actually a response to a post on here like 1-2 weeks ago with the opposite story from the wife. Where people said get the paternity test done and leave with the kid, leaving the note or mailing it to him after you've gone.

  3. I love this. Holding yourself accountable and finding what works is a grownup thing to do!

  4. i basically start with the easiest or the one that is pissing me off the most 😂😂 99% of the time i make these lists i do one or two a day over the course of a week and still don’t know why AM me thinks PM me will do all of these things

  5. But just in case you need some love; maybe you haven’t done these things in awhile because of the feral ducking children that are probably sucking the ever living life out of you. You rock!

  6. thank you! my one year old is quite literally sucking the life out of me, he breastfeeds all day long with no end in sight

  7. I just did the same and was able to add my 12 year old so didn’t run into that issue. The thing I’m not clear about is will she have her own login credentials? I don’t see where to set that up. If she’s logged in as me, what’s the point? Don’t want her seeing presents etc. that I might be ordering for her.

  8. It’s kind of like a kids profile on netflix but with amazon she can’t access your profile without a passcode so she won’t be able to see orders. I can’t seem to set mine up!

  9. Your rent was $200 in 1978?? I was around then, and $40 would cover most of my parents house payment.

  10. they asked if it was possible, which i’m pretty sure it is, i just meant that i wouldn’t know how to do that to someone’s phone

  11. this is reddit my dude, anyone can answer a question when asked

  12. Yes. I struggled with my weight for years so had the mentality of “if i don’t like it, it’s not worth the calories”

  13. Just some thoughts... 1- Is it normal for a cop/chief to take a piece of evidence from a crime scene home,then leave it unattended long enough for someone to copy? I find that really strange. Why did his wife send it to a newspaper. What did she want them to see in it? She had to have a reason for that. Why didn't the newspaper copy it,before turning it over to police? I have a hard time imagining most reporters wouldn't go over that journal with a fine tooth comb.

  14. Maybe the police covered it up, knowing it was Jackson, because they pinned him for a different crime he didn’t commit that overlaps with the timeline of Jodi’s abduction and didn’t want to get caught

  15. yes. i had hair down to my butt and cut it all off and i’m just now able to get it into a ponytail. worst decision ever, growing it back out to rock my big bun again

  16. This denim does not look expensive, and if you paid a lot, u should not do that again. This denim looks thin and loaded with cheap spandex that will only require more repairs and continue to lose its shape. 100% cotton repairs are the only way for actually keeping pants.

  17. they’re levi’s- used to be great but quality is going downhill. still on the pricier side but wouldn’t say expensive

  18. Aw man that reminded me that I found a pair of Levi’s in my dream last night.

  19. wouldn’t it be crazy if you woke up and you actually had a pair of levi’s on

  20. I’m team childfree with 2 children 😅 I decided to never have kids pretty early on. Then, ADHD happened, missed birth control, you can guess the rest. TWICE. I will say though, being a mom got a hell of a lot easier once I got on meds

  21. At least one of them in St. Petersburg, FL is an asshole like that. I parked the maximum of 2 hours outside the children's hospital, came back within 10 minutes of the meter expiring, and that fuck was right there waiting for it to expire. Told him "not today" only to be met with the deadest of the dead-inside faces.

  22. beautiful!!!! the back is amazing, you are seriously talented

  23. I do both- I pack in order of importance. Every move, I get together my daily toiletries and clothes and put them aside. Then I pack my clothes, sheets, electronics, basically everything I absolutely need and want to take. After mostly everything is packed, all of my least important items all together normally get donated or tossed (depending on item/condition). To me it’s way easier this way as opposed to trying to declutter while moving. Then when I get to my new place, I unpack essentials and everything else gets taken out on an “as needed” basis. That way, I can see what I haven’t been using and declutter that way

  24. brutal, that hits home. do you do this as well?:

  25. Yay! I messaged back all the people I’ve been ignoring instead of letting them sit unread in my inbox for another week. Small victories!!

  26. Woohoo! I put away 3 large loads of laundry on sunday. Then I ran another one and put it away immediately 🥳 First time in months that all the laundry was put away

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