1. When I think Elton John, Freddie Mercury, Billy Porter, Outsider doesn't quite come to mind. Same with Ellen DeGeneris and her wife, or Laverne Cox (apologies if some name spelling is incorrect).

  2. As a fair, non-olive true summer I've owned werk. On me it was cute, it was a very peachy type of pink that works well in spring/summertime without looking too yellow/orange. Official pics don't do it justice. It's very close to the Selena Gomez liquid one in Hope.If I was going for milk blushes, I'd repurchase werk as my "flattering warmish" blush, or go for rally or quickie. The rest would definitely be too warm for me.

  3. I recently walked around Sephora, the Rose inc blush in Camellia caught my attention, looks like a good neutral cool blush without being too lilac or too dramatic/vampy

  4. Mustard yellow actually looks muddier than the royal blue. Pic 7 shows how muted you are next to that clear aqua. How about soft summer?

  5. In this particular pic, she's shrugging, so it's not that helpful. In general I agree with you. On screen in terms of the body shape she looks pretty close to Olivia de Havilland, the original SC prime example. However, she wasn't assigned R for the body alone, it's more of the body+essence thing, and even though they were both "cheerful", round faced/eyed with curls, MM was more of a seductress and Olivia had more of a perfect wife material type of roles.

  6. I completely understand having negative views of your body and the constant self scrutiny exacerbating it since I also have negative views of my body and constant self scrutiny exacerbates it. I do think you are completely wrong about Kibbe, but you are entitled to your opinion and if it doesn’t work for you, you shouldn’t feel compelled to continue using the system. I think other comments have pointed out things that are a bit incorrect about your statements here but I just want to add that the system is NOT a body typing system. Kibbe has said that multiple times himself. And he has also said because it’s pretty impossible to see oneself objectively, for DIYers, doing the exercises in SK would help (paraphrasing). The system is incredibly esoteric and very artistic, it’s based on your dreams and what you want, what you innately love or find beautiful and then connecting that with your fashion/style. So tbh fixating on body parts is not even encouraged especially not in SK. Another thing, I don’t know if this is deliberate or not, but if you are/were in SK, then you would know that his idea of plus size was over size 22 in clothing and also that you shouldn’t follow clothing labels anyway (probably because they are all wrong—like this is a fact. There is literally no consistency in clothing sizes so it makes little sense to pay attention to the number anyway) so basically anyone up to that clothing size could accommodate for petite. That is an incredible range. And for width, any one at any size can need to accommodate for width. It’s just an accommodation, not that you are actually wide. And besides he has also clarified that if you wear a blouse that should fit you but it rides up, that could be you not accommodating your width, and the person he said that to was not at all wide.

  7. I mean Im an animator and I still don’t see myself objectively so I have to disagree there(just from my own experience). It’s easier to see other ppl objectively and I just think that’s a human experience thing and not a Kibbe thing.

  8. Nothing to contribute regarding your question, just came to note: that fold on the back of your jacket, it's usually held by a little seam that you're supposed to undo upon purchase so that it can have the option to expand into an upside down V for a better fit.

  9. A thing I've noticed on myself that I see in you: the greens pull out the redness from the skin (opposite color to green), so you'd have to do some color correcting makeup to counteract. The one on the right is workable with the color correction, the one on the left is just too warm. You can try darker blue and purple drapes and take a photo of those and of the green ones in one session (to have the same lighting conditions on the pics) and do some side by side comparisons.

  10. Diagonals and geometry in general, soft military/Xena the warrior princess feeling, thick materials, accentuated shoulders, combinations of the materials that are not traditionally considered to be good companions.

  11. Oh hey secret twin doppelganger!! I agree it's pretty uncommon. It's interesting both the similarities and differences between us - my silhouette can handle very little softness at all, I think because my shoulders/torso are so narrow/sharp (my face is a lil' softer though!). I typically look way better with a longer pant leg and am finding that it really has to be a perfectly straight line (heavier fabric) or have a vertical element like piping or a distinct crease in the center. Any kind of pleating or gathers by my waist is the worst for me on pants. (I think this is probs very D of me). Shorter ankle-length pants work well with boots like this 'fit or with sandals or flats that cut closer to the front of my foot like loafers.

  12. Oh when I said dropped shoulder I meant something like

  13. To me the right side is a very much the Leo-Aquarius axis astrologically or Queen of Fire vs Queen of Air tarot-wise with a little bias towards the fire energy being presented as the cool one (the Sun) and the air one being "cold and bitter" (the Ice Queen).

  14. Nice idea and fun results! I wonder how you'd interpret "sensual", maybe "elemental" too. On the surface level it seems fitting to your natural features (body, face), however I wonder if it would work well with your personality

  15. In your outdoorsy photos you look cool toned. Love the photo in the blue trench, very harmonious. I’d look into true summer, true winter and bright winter.

  16. I’m not sure, but I’d look into true spring and the darkest spring (the name flew out of my head). The first three greens are a wow, the 4th, muted one is somewhat boring. The blues also feel meh, the hot mustard yellow feels a bit too dirty for your complexion. You have such a characterful face, I could see you being a face photo model!

  17. Yep! Thank you! I'm phasing out of my dark autumn wardrobe in favor of my actual soft autumn/soft summer coloring and wanted to add brightness to this despite dark mustard colours. Think the cut of the pants and earrings helped.

  18. Please consider adding some SA/SS items without phasing out of your current wardrobe completely, you might just rediscover yourself as a higher contrast person later on. You don’t strike as a primarily muted person.

  19. Interesting... nearly everyone I've talked to has told me I am... but also I am neutral + olive. I will eventually share the sweaters I've rented (to try out colours) that look amazing on me that are in these two colour palettes. I'm definitely a mix of seasons, though, not just autumn.

  20. Yup, I’m unclear on warm vs cold from this pic, but the hair and eyes ratio to skin color is not particularly low contrast. It’s a super cool idea to rent the stuff of different colors to figure it out! Would be genuinely curious to see your results. I enjoyed your styling in this post btw, looks very authentic, kind of like you’re in your element :)

  21. I peeped at your last post. You look soft summerish. If that's the case, pay attention to the part of the color wheel from blue-green to red-orange, but make sure the colours aren't too dark and have a lot of grey mixed into them.

  22. It seems like your core desire is being cozy, but in the “after” you’re more daring and experiment more

  23. Honey is 80% straight up sugar. Fruits have useful fibre, vitamins and micronutrients. Like bananas are a good source of potassium and fibre. If you can supplement that stuff otherwise, you don't need it.

  24. this post was suggested to me in notifications, the name sounds like an aliexpress product description, so I got intrigued))) turns out it's makeup. very lovely layout, OP!

  25. Cutting out everything including fruit may make the life feel truly colourless, and the prospect of it being like that for the rest of one's life can be a trigger to abandon the whole ordeal. If that's the case, fruits are a healthy and a balanced medium to walk the line and be as healthy as one can be. If a person can be fulfilled both biologically and emotionally without fruits, they can skip them. I guess that's what people on the carnivore diet do.

  26. Yes, the white one. Maybe other types can be used as well, but you’d need to test on some samples to get the ratio right

  27. T.T I’m also a warm fall type. I didn’t know that this was an option! Thank you for posting about this. Now I can re-dye all those pastel clothes I’ve accumulated as gifts/cope purchases!

  28. Usually the vinegar is used along with the dye to make the coloring permanent. I’d recommend watching some yarn dyeing videos to get the tips and the ratio right

  29. Sometimes people definitely have a bigger problem than weight loss, I've seen more than a couple "I ate a peanut last week, I'm a terrible person, I'm starting my fast over, my goal is fast until I lose 100lbs. Starting weight 115lbs, 5' 10" female. "

  30. Agree with your general message, just wanted to point out that the eating disorder isn’t just about being skinny, getting overweight is also an eating disorder, so yeah, most of the people here do have it in some form.

  31. Garnier face fluid - similar to La Roche posay but I find it doesn’t irritate me!

  32. Oh, that’s cool! Thanks for your suggestion!

  33. I use Murad's City Skin Age Defense SPF 50 and I love it so much. I wear it daily under makeup and on it's own on the weekends. The best part is it does not sting my eyes.

  34. Oh, that’s great to know cause I have sensitive eyes too. Thanks for the rec!

  35. You definitely lean warm. This was notable when wear the cool soft colors like 2 and 7. Your yellow tones got pulled out rather than balancing your complexion. You’re not a bright/clear season. 10 and 11 started throwing shadows around your face.

  36. In the second photo the OP has a giant yellow sun ray across her face, that photo isn’t particularly helpful

  37. Just compare the photo #1 and the #9 next to each other. In the first you have a healthy look whereas in the ninth you look unhealthy pink, which is a pretty telling sign that you lean cool. Look into soft summer or true summer.

  38. I once did a whole30 challenge and didn’t drink coffee, eat sugar during that period. Honestly, that was the most emotionally linear period in years. It’s like you’re ready for a mood swing to come, you’re waiting…and it just doesn’t happen. Was kind of unsettling because of that

  39. I’ve never gone on medication, I do eat fruit, but I try not to eat them “bare”. Like if you eat an apple, add some nuts or a piece of cheese, or ideally I’d have around 100gr of blueberries or raspberries as a dessert after a nutritious home made meal. If I blend fruits into a smoothie, I add some seeds, spinach/kale and yoghurt. I wouldn’t have this smoothie as a stand-alone dish, it’s a dessert

  40. I also left the kibbe community for a bit. I came back to it after looking into and learning about kitcheners essences, which I think are underutilized.

  41. Not to invalidate your experience as a non caucasian in any way, but in my personal caucasian experience it doesn't help, it's still difficult. It's difficult because a systematic approach where you can only be one thing to something as unique as a human body and personality combo is a false idea to begin with. Kind of like a free preview of a proper paid consult. However, if we let go of the types and the archetypes, and use kibbe solely for the accommodations, that's where you get the most out of the work he's shared online.

  42. Not at all! I totally see how it’s difficult for everyone. I just think there is added difficulty for POC because of stereotypes associated with races as well as actual features not being accurately accounted for in these styling systems. This is the same reason I thought I was a Dark Autumn as opposed to a Bring Spring for so long (there are sooooo few POC examples of Bright Springs) and why I thought I had Romantic yin essence when I really have Ingenue yin essence (resisting ingenue because every Asian is typed as having ingenue essence, regardless of its veracity).

  43. I think being a POC adds difficulty if you're trying to use Kibbe the way he wrote it in the book. If you're using it for accommodations and treat the body as a simple geometric form, it doesn't matter much, it's just the shape that speaks for itself. However, as someone else mentioned, it is possible that within certain ethnicities the distribution of types may be different. I can see Scandinavian people or the South Sudanese people pretty much exclusively being D,SD,FN regardless of their personalities/style aspirations.

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