1. Meh, I think everyone goes through this phase.

  2. Mention you think her friends smooth hairless arms are hot. 😂

  3. No, it not mattering is a perfectly good reason to not do something. Just reread the ocean analogy cause I don't think u understood it.

  4. I don’t think you understand what a good analogy is. You should reread your analogy and think about what you said that’s relative.

  5. It's statistically relative. It's not easier or less scary to do nothing.

  6. Show me a statistic that illustrates that nothing ever improves, that 1 vote never inspires another and then another.

  7. Any dog under 50lbs is a cat. And cats are pointless. ~ Ron Swanson.

  8. Well if a meme says so it has to be true!

  9. Unless there is some key bit of info left out, this really sounds more like regret.

  10. I'm not commenting this OP specifically but I feel a lot of people within the last few years have been doing this. When I was younger I had some sexual partners I deeply regretted. But I didn't retroactively consider myself a victim of something beyond my own bad judgment. I find it concerning how many people I see on this subreddit trying to see if they're a SA victim when the details they give do not warrant such a serious label. I feel we need to teach about consent for sure but we also need to teach people to say no and stand by their decision and boundaries. Again, not directed at OP to be clear but I almost get the feeling some people want to be a victim because what they explain is so clearly not SA. But they usually speak to their friends that convinced them they are SA victims. I truly don't understand what's going on.

  11. You probably do but don’t count it because it’s not from who you want or in the way you want.

  12. Wait, serious question, why are people calling chic fil a racist?

  13. I think i might have mixed it up with homophobia, but they support racist or homophobic (I forgot) charities

  14. I’ve heard the homophobia thing. Never racist. So the racist thing is all because people are conflating the two?

  15. Play dumb, don’t respond to the “signs of attention”.

  16. They kind of are but more in a way of avoiding marriage to begin with. A pre divorce.

  17. Meet a woman through the things you do like to do. My brother in law met his wife through their bowling league.

  18. Either that, or meet friends that are compatible. Friends might lead to girlfriends (a friend of a friend ...), but even if they don't: It's always good to have friends that share your interests.

  19. Exactly, I was just suggesting meeting friends through a shared interest because that’s already something in common.

  20. You don’t HAVE to, in that there is no law making you tip. Just be okay with the social consequences if you don’t.

  21. what kind of social consequences?

  22. YTA If someone monitoring their own food intake makes you feel bad it’s because part of you is unhappy and feels guilty for not doing that.

  23. I feel like you would shame me for eating meat.

  24. I’d look for internships that turn into full time positions.

  25. You haven’t noticed? People complain about everything. Especially online.

  26. Don’t take people complaining about something online as they hate it. It’s more they are venting in a moment of frustration.

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