1. My elementary students at school told me to watch it. So I did. Which led me to wonder why my 10 year old students had been watching it. I don’t think it’s appropriate. There are several curse words, morbid/disturbing topics, “Thing” gives the middle finger a couple times, and there are many adults jokes, such as vampires fanging, when Enid spills punch on her date and she is on the floor in front of him, mention of Gomez and Morticia getting intimate, and the mention of “getting stoned” multiple times. There is direct mention of n3crophilia and sûicide. Edit: censoring

  2. my kid would not (and did not) catch the sexual innuendos that adults would've. Kids will hear cursing literally everywhere, you're not sheltering them by not letting them watch the show lol and I just told my daughter that she could not do the middle finger sign because it represents a curse word.

  3. Honestly, depends on you & your kiddo. We watched it together for the first time and I found it was fine. She now watches it almost nightly to go to bed and screamed when she found out there would be a season 2 lol

  4. I have a Cooper and I love it! I call her Coopie 🥹 so another vote for Cooper!!

  5. I think that was the end of siesta key and maybe we will get a spin off just following juliette?

  6. Yes! The way they all slowly left the table. That was basically saying it’s over. They were saying we’re all going in different directions. Her very last comment basically gave it away. I think she will get a spin off.

  7. Yup! Seemed like she left with a cliffhanger. I wonder if she’s the only one that wanted to continue?

  8. He probably has a main account somewhere then

  9. Completely agree. To me, it seems like this account was created specifically for the survey.

  10. According to 4chan it was a guy that left weird comments on insta

  11. The Barre Code is doing a free month of January... I will say, it's rough when you first start but after a few classes you start to really notice your body change. I used to go religiously for a year but fell off the bandwagon but now I am starting again. So, if you want to be my Barre Code partner... let me know :D

  12. And she get mad at her own people for that. Colorism is very prominent in the black community. You’ll never hear a white person telling another black person “you’re not black enough”

  13. Mmm you’re wrong. Lol. I’ve literally had white people tell me I’m not black enough. Don’t underestimate what people who “know you” get comfortable saying around you.

  14. Trying to complete Arceus but seriously thinking about to buy the Witcher 3 for my switch. Maybe gonna worth it

  15. Pokémon violet, wylde flowers and a sprinkle of Disney dreamlight valley!

  16. No no no captain Lee falling with his cane and saying his body can’t do it 😭😭😭😭

  17. Same!!!! I’m not okay, I don’t want to watch that happen :(

  18. I got into the room and it says next sales starts today at 2 PM with a countdown - does that mean i just stay on this page until 2 for the c1 presale?

  19. how did you get there?! i just see join the queue for presale!!

  20. i am falling apart. no code and capital one presale moved to tomorrow :(

  21. has anyone gotten anything from Detroit? i'm stresssssing

  22. Nothing for my group of 10 who all signed up for Detroit!

  23. someone not in my group just got one for detroit and now i'm spiraling

  24. Is the necklace mike bought Lexie really $40k??

  25. Can we all agree that the scenes with Brandon’s music are the worst

  26. I will gladly watch a spin off of the ex wives living their best single life 🤷🏽‍♀️

  27. The name of the podcast seems distasteful to me, tbh

  28. Distasteful AND someone else already uses the name for another podcast

  29. I wondered because of the ig name having numbers !!

  30. I’m in the UK and my body just happened to wake me up a few minutes before, which is great - well done body (it’s cos I’m sick but let’s gloss over that) How long until midnight EDT? Just eyeing up my bed to see if it’s worth it

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