1. Get a tantal you big tattle tale baby 👶🏼

  2. Worn but still useable. Not splitting these up. PayPal f&f

  3. Supply has dried up big time… No more to be had apparently. I was able to get a dozen surplus pieces and was sharing for others.

  4. All the ones I have seen for sale recently have been around this price. Not an easy part to find.

  5. Gas tube with quad rail gas block works with hand guard 7” knurled aluminum free float hand guard 2-A2 grips 1 GGG front sight post, missing spring, does not fold down, stays up. could be fixed PayPal f&f

  6. Hell of a deal for a spiker set, I don’t even need it and I’m considering it.

  7. Long pants, usually long sleeve shirt and snake boots. The boots should help with the water. You’ll get wet and dry throughout the day. Mornings before the sun comes up will be cold and wet if your going through heavy brush. Then within a few hours it will be hot and you’ll dry out for a short time and then start sweating….welcome to Florida hunting haha.

  8. You’ll feel every extra pound in the big cypress. I would try a half blind or making a blind on site and keeping your pack as light as possible.

  9. Don’t think so, the only limitation is how far you can see in Floridas thick brush.

  10. You do know that's a copy pasta that's not about me right? Do you even know it's a copy pasta? Obviously not.

  11. Not once have I reported anyone to the mods but there's a first for everything

  12. That’s 100% a lie, you definitely have. It’s no coincidence I’ve gotten banned multiple times only after talking shit to you.

  13. Is this a common issue with the SAM5? Just seems like an expensive option to then have to buy upgrades to fix ?

  14. That’s right. I’ve been talking to the warranty department for several weeks. They want me to send it in….and pay for shipping myself. I’ll never buy another Arsenal product. Not impressed at all.

  15. I’ll take both handle and hg if available

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