1. I have, but only as part of Dark Harry’s harem or Not-harem

  2. I have without it, but no idea what the name was... It was post-canon, and Luna's sociopathic POV. I don't remember what exactly she was trying to do, but she needs something from Neville, Draco, etc. Harry was an Auror investigating her and at the end she


  4. I'm pretty sure Lupin would just kill himself or at least be put on suicide watch.

  5. Harry: "So, what you're saying is... I'm indestructible!"

  6. This works much better if you change it to Harry having parallels to Sasuke and Ron having parallels to Naruto. You don’t even have to change too much for Ron because, while the natures of their childhood neglect experiences are very different, they both want to be seen, recognized, approved of, etc. And then Harry already has the whole ‘famously tragic orphan’ thing going for him.

  7. I really like this joint quote from Moshe Lewin and Ian Kershaw in Stalin and Nazism Dictatorships in Comparison. It certainly seemed true to me when I first read it while I was studying this period of history for research purposes. I'm no longer doing anything related to academic history so I'm not necessairly up to date with the current prevailing views, do you think this quote still holds true taking into account subsequent research into the USSR and Nazi Germany?

  8. The Dissolution of Monasteries was in the 1500s, Oxford counts it's founding from 1096, the oldest quadrangle there was built 1288-1378. Cambridge counts it's founding from 1209 (when some scholars had to leave Oxford) the oldest college there being from 1284 and around the same time getting land and buildings.

  9. Apparently this kind of did happen at least once (which is still once more than I thought)?

  10. My thought process is this: Curzan argues that young children are not very strongly attached, socially, to gender, and so my thought is that the generic use of they would still be appropriate, much like in your knock at the door example (you know there's someone there, and you might even be able to see them, but not knowing their gender is enough to warrant "they"). In my estimation we seem to have a similar pattern of they~he/she alternation in PDE for that "unknown referent" use as we see in the OE example for it~she with Saint Margaret.

  11. Shakespeare uses singular "they" with "man"; does that count as determinate?

  12. Section 13 of the Judicial Act of 1789 reads as follows:

  13. Brother 12T I love this phone, I think the pro is an overkill, always pro 12T, please if you find out one day let us your 12T brothers know.

  14. There's no rule what says I cant bring any of the following?:

  15. I kinda like this... but the problem comes up that they didn't have money even during Harry's first year, meaning that Fred and George basically put them into poverty while 11-13. And then continued for another five years, during which they didn't go any further into poverty. Then again, sometimes parents pretend poverty to their kids to set expectations even when they're NOT actually poor, so... it could work. I'd expect that the twins would get far harsher punishments as the years went on, though, both from the school and their parents.

  16. "Wait. What are you suing us for?"

  17. Could it be argued that John the Baptist was one that was co-opted by Christianity?

  18. Given his followers still exist, it seems harder to argue against that.

  19. The short answer is no, lord does not mean God.

  20. And you dying together with your children being known bastards averts the Dance. Problem solved!

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