1. Flying 7/4 and it wants me to pay the difference in cost for the same flight the previous day ($1500) :(

  2. Holy mother of God, I have a layover in ATL on the 4th of July and I honestly kind of wish I could just cancel

  3. I’m in the exact same boat. Connecting in ATL e route to MUC and I’m halfway thinking it’s not going to be worth my hassle and should just cancel

  4. I did not, thankfully no damage to my car. Driving around college campuses is quite the experience 🙃

  5. Honestly I would look at Delhi/Green Township. It’s west side Cincy but still about 20 minutes to UC. Usually a little cheaper, quieter, and an overall nice area while still close to downtown and Clifton. (If you can afford places like Oakley, Hyde park, etc then go for it, but I would at least give a look to the west side)

  6. CVG-anywhere, on any mainline plane.

  7. Hating the University of Michigan for some reason.

  8. As compared to the bustling metropolis’s of Athens, Baton Rouge, or Columbus.

  9. 4th floor of the TUC near the bathrooms there are two microwaves

  10. Congratulations on the new addition! I wish the UofL/UC game was still happening.

  11. To be clear it’s not my child, but the UC health Twitter account shared the photos lol

  12. We can also sometimes see what you type before you hit send on online support

  13. What software shows that? I’ve used a couple of chat programs and am yet to see that.

  14. I worked for a major fast food company customer service department and it was through their mobile app

  15. Bought a few of them lol we’ll see what happens

  16. They are gonna have like a solid $3 in sales tomorrow on these shirts alone 😂

  17. Did you get an email saying it’s back ordered?

  18. Unfortunately yes, not sure if they are just going to ship them out later or what’s going on exactly.

  19. It’s definitely seemed a little less safe this year in Clifton, not sure if it really is or I’m just paranoid but feel better friend. I guess it could always be worse

  20. Having been at UC for years it absolutely seems to have taken a step back so far this year. Not sure as to why.

  21. I’m only a second year but it seems worse since last year. I didn’t know if it was because I live off campus now. Lived in Stratford last year and always felt safe but now I don’t like walking around alone at all unless I’m on campus

  22. I’m the exact same way. I truly don’t want to walk off campus anymore at night. Living alone makes it hard to walk with a buddy as well.

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