1. I have the same issue with my second lobe piercing except it’s too close to the edge of the lobe. Unsure if a re-pierce would resolve it or if it would just rip 😢

  2. I feel like actually committing to this is just letting your intrusive thoughts in. Always thought about it but in my mind knew it would be weird lol for everyone

  3. I feel like Antarctica is. Because why tf can’t regular people go there?

  4. 😂 explain? I am very interested in this theory

  5. That happened to me so they suggested live resin…. $70 for .84 and so far good a week in but I aLso got 3 .5 carts blew through in a couple days, interchangeable 🥲

  6. Luster, especially now with the Live Resin pods from Klutch & soon from Grow Ohio, plus the fact that most LLC’s produce the luster pods now, so your choices are plentiful. Btw- I’m not a big PGR err I mean Klutch fan, but their O-43 LR pod is legit. It tastes better than 99% of the LR carts I’ve had in VEGAS, Portland, Denver, or Seattle. So, credit where it is due….

  7. I just got one today to try it out a lot of people commented on this! Is there a difference with the live resin? Dispo told me it’s similar to dabs?

  8. Cart and it was good I got another two! Select wasn’t bad either

  9. Try the form with a lower weight until you get it and then increase weigh that way your body will start to naturally go into that movement after you perfect form. I’d record yourself as well and look up body movements for whichever workout

  10. I swear so many people say they noticed my weight loss immediately with my face, ifs really such a crazy change to adjust to! You look amazing!

  11. I will definitely keep an eye on it, thank you so much for pointing that out!

  12. Mine created a permanent dent lol she eventually had to go last year due to keloids but that dents still there

  13. But- how did this work? How did you direct it towards specific people?

  14. I'm so glad I switched it out! My old jewelry was so irritating

  15. I always have to fuck with it cause I’m worried if I don’t notice it’ll get caught on god knows what and rip out but it’s a pain in the ass constantly checking, probably a habit now I do it without realizing now

  16. What is LITHA? Did it get rid of bumps permanently?

  17. You probably shouldn’t have taken the piercing out but what’s done is done. Please go to your doctor because it looks like the beginning of an infection (pus, redness, bump, etc.) clean it really well.

  18. I remember my industrial being swollen for about a week or two. It looks like it’s placed just fine, just curious have you been cleaning it?

  19. Yeah I use wound wash saline solution on a q-tip, or I’ll spray H2Ocean on it

  20. Thanks for the advice! I went to the doctor and they put me on antibiotics and dome kind of ointment/cream. Luckily I caught it early so I may be able to save it.

  21. Back story: I got it done spring semester of my freshman year of college (about February 2017). It was pierced way too shallow and migrated out. I got it out and let it close and heal for about a month. Then later around April 2017 I got it redone and it was doing well, over that summer i went abroad and the water in China infected it because its gross and dirty. Came home and got it taken out in the fall. Now I waited a year and got it done again and he pierced through the scar tissue and it was doing well but every once in a while i get yellow/white pus that comes out of the holes. No pain or anything. Now the purple spot where the scar is is pus and bleeding and i have no idea why. I really want this to work for me and i need advice. Also on Christmas of 2018 a dog jumped on me and it bumped it which irritated it for a week or so. I do sea salt soaks. Idk what size bar but its just a normal ring for belly.

  22. I agree with the above post about cleaning. I did one warm sea salt soak (about one minute long) per day, and made sure to rinse the piercings well in the shower to remove any shampoo or body soap.

  23. I can sleep on my back but I find my side being nicer or on my stomach which I haven’t had issues. I sleep with a sports bra on because I found without one they get knocked around

  24. I slept on my right side, and because of that, my right nipple was way behind my left in terms of healing. Try putting as little pressure on them as you can while you’re sleeping as it may actually be causing issues. That being said, I’m not positive about that. Just give it a go

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