Right Mohammad? Right?

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

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  1. Wtf is wrong with these people?? Who in their right mind would let their kids try to do this to a giant wild animal while video taping it?? Complete fucking morons, people are so disconnected and have no idea what real wildlife is like

  2. Dobby :( made it worst after reading the books and seeing just how much time Harry really spent with Dobby that weren’t in the films

  3. Cause we are all sick and tired of the bullshit they cal modern laws where they can put you in a cell and take your freedoms for possessing or growing a harmless plant. A plant that is also extremely beneficial to humans

  4. Please take her! And good luck! She will be delicious

  5. That’s interesting, I will have to look into this.

  6. Yeah it’s pretty hard to shit on the Audubon society, they have done much more for birds and conservation in general than most other groups or people out there, that’s for sure.

  7. I don’t get why people hate this version so much?? It’s cool and different and foreshadows what’s to come in his show very well with it’s shocking content. It’s not like David Gilmour is there to play the guitar solos anyway?

  8. This is the story of the Hurricane!!!

  9. Les stroud survivor man is all available on YouTube. If you like alone you will love les!

  10. Enjoy the small things my friend, honestly the days of success in the deer woods are very few and far between. Most days of deer hunting end in failure but that means they are not failed days or wasted days at all. In fact it’s those days of struggle and sheer hours in the woods that mean most where you really get to learn about the wild world and yourself. Just stick with it, try to enjoy the small things, and continue the grind and before you know it you will end up with a harvest. And often times the more you have struggled and failed, the more those successes mean to you in the end.

  11. I have a new favorite song from the wall like every other week. That’s why it’s so amazing, it’s so deep and every song is amazing in its own way, especially at different points when you are listening to it. A masterpiece

  12. Waiting for the worms is fricken amazing. The beat switches are legendary… would you like to see Britannia, Rule again, my friend???

  13. It already smells like weed? Enjoy it, that’s the smell of freedom

  14. That’s tough man, keep grinding! You got this!

  15. Get the fuck away from that guy and if he doesn’t leave you alone call the cops. Please!!! What this guy is doing is so wrong!

  16. I like how his military uniform includes a hat with a skull on it. Damn crazy dickhead

  17. Lol that’s crazy and funny! They are wearing the exact same hat as the freak pictured above too.

  18. Yeah fuck Mohammed and all other so called “prophets”. Too many people have died foolishly in the name of these creepy pedophiles

  19. 1984 or animal farm by George Orwell or island and brave new world by aldous Huxley

  20. Is he serious??? 300 million people?? Does he know how many people that is lol. Where does he even get this from?

  21. Don’t think about it too hard now

  22. As a common rural Minnesotan… all of it

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