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  1. Cats can't smile, but they certainly can frown if they're annoyed enough, for e.g. being presented with a salad.

  2. The proudly stupid and hateful believe they should be running things.

  3. The scene just ends after a few rounds.

  4. The hitbox for the holster is tiny. I can't count the number of times I've dropped my pistol on the ground while attempting to reholster it.

  5. The one and only time I saw an actor believably treat a coffee cup as if it had something in it was Snoop Dogg in Day Shift. It's a silly vampire movie but it was worth watching just for that one scene, a rapper-turned-actor who actually takes the empty cup seriously.

  6. Every gun will last a lifetime

  7. So long as you can find parts for it.

  8. Were you trying to say something clever about suicide? You’re right, I missed your joke.

  9. How is my comment gonna be flagged for bigotry?? By the ModTeam? All I said was mine was the same. Wtf!?

  10. It was a clerical error, your comment is fine. Sorry for any confusion.

  11. That sensor thing would blend in a little better if it was on the wall, not the wood mantle.

  12. My thought too. Someone had that thing in their hand and thought, “I could stick it on the wall, where it would blend in… Nah. I’d rather gum up the finish on this wood.”

  13. I like him but he has done a good job of hiding that range you're talking about.

  14. You sure are focused on me! Are you sure I am the one who is angry?

  15. This conversation is long over being productive.

  16. No floaties, no vinegar aroma? Mix it. Might not be as flavorful as it was the week you bought it, but it'll make a fine drink.

  17. As soon as someone starts bitching about something being "woke" I know I don't need to listen to their opinion anymore.

  18. The only thing drivers hate more than each other and pedestrians is bicyclists.

  19. I've got to the point where I don't worry about the aesthetics of the jobs at all, since the game doesn't care either, so long as the requirements are fulfilled. I just use the jobs to think about what I will do when I buy the house later.

  20. It's a weird community. Someone posted a water bottle with nearly invisible volumetric marks and everyone said, "It's your problem if you can't see them, it's an excellent design because it won't wear off like ink would."

  21. By that mindset anyone that uses force to successfully enact change is morally right?

  22. Yes, might makes right. That's why cops are infallible to them.

  23. Yeah, the musket argument is as boneheaded as the “let’s just tax bullets $500 apiece” gotcha.

  24. Hell I’d just like to fix the drawers that went bonkers and now vibrate constantly.

  25. That right-hand drawer of the mission computer desk is always swinging open. I'd saw it off if I could.

  26. For me the left drawers are possessed. They all came out and just sit there vibrating.

  27. This is what I think of when someone condescendingly says “Everything is a chemical.” Yes, but we are pretty familiar with the effects of water and oxygen.

  28. If you don’t want to work until you die then you must not be much of a patriot. /s

  29. How about some depression to go with your cabin fever? Your condition worsens if you don’t go outside except you lack the will to get out of bed.

  30. I mean “darkest” was in all caps.

  31. I tried BG1 but put it down after Minsc decided I had waited too long to do his quest and tried to murder me.

  32. They're also the party of "support our troops," "family values," and "personal responsibility."

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