1. Turbos don't burn fuel, so not really sure where you got that information from. Have you actually checked to see if you are getting fuel and spark?

  2. You have one or more vacuum leaks and or a fuel supply problem.

  3. The issues that you have outlined in this post is all you should need to tell them. If the vehicle is still within its' 90 day warranty, there shouldn't be any questions. They should just fix it.

  4. How old is the battery. Sounds like it's got low charge or is bad.

  5. I’d have to double check but from what I remember it’s from between 2013-2015

  6. Even 2015 is very old for a battery. Would replace right away.

  7. No, not at all. Purchase the right tires for the vehicle.

  8. See the auto moderator bot's comment regarding year make and model.

  9. This means that one of the sensors has been damaged or destroyed. Typically happens when people who don't know what they are doing work with tires on TPMS-eqquipped vehicles. Return to the shop that did the work and ask that they fix the problem or give you your money back.

  10. The tpms sensor batteries are probably out replace em... Wal-Mart is the cheapest option imo

  11. And also the best way to leave with more problems than you came with!

  12. Where are you getting these mirrors? Some no name aftermarket brand or genuine Ford parts?

  13. Looks like someone broke the spark plug off in the head, these engines very well known for this. They make an extraction tool just for this purpose. If that does not work, cylinder head will have to be removed in order to get it out.

  14. Probably nothing to worry about, it's just a reservoir anyway. If the cooling system expands enough during operation, it will just push the excess out of the vent.

  15. Well, first and foremost I would say stop using starting fluid. If you use too much of it you'll blow something up, and it's going to be more than the air filter next time.

  16. The easiest way would be to contact a local dealership and provide the VIN number of the vehicle, they will be able to find the exact parts that the vehicle was built with. They can give you the part numbers, and if you don't want to buy quality OEM parts, you can typically cross reference the OEM numbers with aftermarket ones.

  17. You are correct I’m sick and tired so I’m not really thinking right. I know I have the springs and shoes installed correctly. And the adjuster was put in correctly after the video as well but the shoe still didn’t move. I actually payed someone before me to replace all the components. Springs shoes drums adjuster everything besides the brake cylinder. And the shoe still didn’t move. So I went back and re-did it myself. The only thing left that could be broken causing it not to move would be the brake cylinder right? That’s what I am trying to figure out.

  18. I suppose it's possible that the wheel cylinder could be bad, but I would doubt it since you don't have the drum on. If the drum was on, that shoe on the right would be forced into the drum until it couldn't move anymore and the rest of the hydraulic Force being applied would go to the left cylinder.

  19. You might be right. The brakes haven’t worked since I got the truck. I’m just going to replace the brake cylinders since they’re so cheap and see if it fixes the problem.

  20. You haven't been able to find a cold air intake kit specifically for this vehicle because it's rather uncommon to add a cold air intake to this vehicle. It is certainly possible to get some sort of universal kit, but adding just a cold air intake would be pointless without a supporting modification such as a high flow exhaust system.

  21. Thank is the process of tuning a computer arduous and do you think changing to a car back exhaust would be sufficient

  22. Unless you have the required software and equipment, you probably won't be able to tune the computer yourself. You'll probably end up having to bring the vehicle to a local speed shop or tuner and have them do it for you. This would be the best option.

  23. Tire failure, more than likely need to replace the tire.

  24. Yeah, because you're not using the right lubricant for this application. Need to use some sort of grease for this, that or may need to replace the door check if it is worn.

  25. What is the actual issue that you are having? Is the vehicle overheating with the AC on?

  26. Yes. But I also noticed that the fans aren't spinning fast enough on the high speed setting

  27. How fast are they spinning? It seems that there would be no reason to fit different fans to the vehicle. Coolant temperature rises when the AC is on because the condenser is mounted in front of the radiator on this vehicle. When it gets hot, the air flowing through the radiator is hotter due to the AC being on and the condenser getting hot, so coolant temperature rises.

  28. Need to know where that noise is coming from, or need to look at a video or something.

  29. Looks like a bunch of ants. Use a bug bomb.

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